False Lash Butterfly - Cosmetics

False Lash Butterfly

Fanned-Out False Lash Effect Mascara

Black (Waterproof)

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  • Product Benefits
  • Spread your lashes out like butterfly wings. Unique tapered brush helps to pull and stretch your lashes outwards for a dramatic volumizing effect. Fanned out lashes. Waterproof

  • Innovations & Ingredients
  • Unique patened brush to help you stretch every lashes up and outwards. Cocoon fibres envelopes each lash and lengthens each lash. All day wear.



Color Riche Tint Caresse
B04 Orchid Blossom
Color Riche L'Extraordinaire
V111 Marais Magenta
Color Riche Matte Reds
CR3 Pure Amaranthe

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