"I am very honoured to join the 'dream team' and become one of the spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris."

Ethan Ruan for l'Oréal Paris

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Ethan Ruan

Ethan's serious and dedicated work attitude, cheerful and sunny personality, pro and humble attitude, embodies the spirit of the modern Men Expert man. Ethan first began his career as a model, starring in the music videos of several popular artistes. Following which, he took on various dramas. Despite proving promising, Ethan's career failed to take off. However, his perseverance and positive attitude lead him to clinch a lead role in 2008 Idol Drama Fated to Love You that he gained much popularity. His hard work paid off and he increasingly gained recognition for his acting skills. Ethan's winning of Best Male Lead at the 47th Golden Horse Awards based on his role as "Monk" in Monga further serves as strong testament to his acting skills; following which he experienced a considerable increase in worth and attention, receiving numerous film invitations from prominent directors.

Ethan's thoughts on becoming L'Oreal Paris spokesperson

"I am particularly happy to be the spokesman for L'Oreal Paris Men Expert. The products are stylish and effective. They make my skin feel and look very good. Ideal for men of my age."


“I’m glad to be a member of the ‘dream team’ of L’Oréal Paris. My acting career has led me to the realm of beauty. I’m particularly thrilled to become the ambassador of PURE & MATTE – the latest addition to Men Expert collection. It effortlessly integrates into the lifestyle of men of my age. The line is cool, stylish and best of all, it works. My skin looks perfect with it,” Ethan Ruan says.