"At first I thought it was a mistake, and then I realized that L'Oreal does not seek models but real people with strong personality, who are worth it ... and say loud and clear

Hugh Laurie for l'Oréal Paris

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Perfect synthesis of a modern strong and true man, with no holds barred and able to follow his passions until the end, Hugh Laurie is a gifted and complete man.

For his outspokenness and humor, his personality made him one of the most authentic actors, charming and engaging for millions of men and women. Once he completed his anthropology studies at the University of Cambridge, he began his career as an actor in 1982 with multiple roles in movies and television series, including, Fry and Laurie, Blackadder and 101 Dalmatians. He also used his voice in many movies including "Valiant Pigeon Fight", "Monsters against Aliens" or recently "Hop" with Russell Brand.


He's already well known in Britain when he's offered the role of leading actor in the series Dr House, in which he plays Dr. Gregory House with a natural almost disconcerting capacity. Dr. House is a misanthropic anti-hero who solves medical problems as if they were investigations. This same role allowed him to win two Golden Globes, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Television Critics Association Awards and the People's Choice Awards in 2009.

The series took advantage of Hugh's capacities as a composer and musician and integrated scenes where he sings and performs his own songs. In fact, Hugh Laurie is part of Band from TV, a charity music group that donates all the profits to various associations. "Let Them Talk" is the name of his first album of blues standards covers released May 9, 2011 in the UK and April 18 in France.


His writing skills were also revealed with the release of his first novel "The Gun Seller". The book is now translated into 30 different languages.

But this artist is not going to stop here. This year, after completing the filming of The Oranges, alongside with Leighton Meester, he is going to Papua New Guinea for the filming of Mr. Pip, a film based on the novel by Lloyd Jones.