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What is Blur?

What is Blur?

Discover the science behind Blur technology with Elisabeth Bouhadana, our Global Scientific Communication Director.

What is a blur? When and how should it be used? Blurs are innovative cosmetic products from the USA intended to instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and even out the look of complexion. Blur technology optically smoothes the skin's surface with lightdiffusing particles that also improve the look of skin texture. Revitalift Blur antiwrinkle daily cream can replace your daily antiwrinkle cream. Apply before make up, as a primer to prepare the skin, smooth and even out its texture. How does L'Oréal Paris' Magic Blur go further than a traditional blur or primer? Traditional blurs rely on technologies featuring blurring particles to instantly smooth the skin’s appearance. The L'Oréal Paris formula also contains ProRetinol A and Dermalift. Revitalift Magic Blur offers two actions: instant blurring and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles every day. What formulation challenges had to be met to develop this new generation of antiwrinkle formulas? The L'Oréal Paris laboratory's formulation challenge involved: Finding the ideal ingredients with optical effects. Incorporating them into a stable emulsion with cosmetic properties and comfort suited to daily use on the whole face. We have really created an antiwrinkle care that combines instant visible effects with everyday antiwrinkle properties.

Elisabeth explains how L'Oréal Paris succeeded creating a Blur in an antiwrinkle formula for an immediate blurring effect and antiwrinkle action everyday.

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