10 makeup tips for gorgeous, dewy skin

Looking fabulous 24/7 isn't always the easiest of tasks. Lack of sleep, stress, burn-out... Welcome to Walking Dead skin! Unless, of course, you follow our 10 face-saving makeup tips.

Prepare your skin

Before working on your complexion, you need to make sure your skin is squeaky clean and moisturised. So remove any grime with micellar water or a cleansing cream. If you have oily skin, treat yourself to a purifying clay face mask once a week.

Finish off by applying a moisturiser - the non-negotiable glowing skin golden rule!

Choose a day cream adapted to your needs or skin type and at night opt for a richer formula that will repair your epidermis whilst you sleep.  


Iron out lines

Final step before applying your warpaint is to smoothe away skin-dulling lines caused by dehydration. Apply a primer or blur cream to cover minor blemishes, lines and even out your skin tone. Blurs are feather-light and residue-free. They leave our skin baby-soft and uniform - think 'Photoshop' in a tube. The results are jaw-droppingly impressive!  

Choose the right foundation

The 'right' foundation means one that can't be seen. To avoid a caked-on look, go for a texture that suits your skin type: creamy for dry skin, fluid for combination skin and a mousse or mineral-based one for oily skin. You should choose a tone that perfectly matches the colour of your skin. 

Work your foundation

Nothing's worse than streaks or heavy duty foundation lines! Smooth on (don't rub) your foundation with your fingertip or a damp sponge. Blend it outwards starting from your nose. Keep going until you reach the side of your face and carefully work it up to your hairline.

Extra tip: press a tissue onto your face to remove any excess, paying attention to your roots, eyebrows, sides of your nose and corner of your mouth.  


Banish blemishes

Bit of trickery here... Cover any red patches (under your eyes, on your chin etc.) with a green-tinted base, as it's red's complementary colour. Use a stick corrector to attack any tenacious blemishes - blotches, spots, dark circles, scars - and tap it in with your finger for a natural, uniform finish.  

Freshen up your eyes

Looking knackered adds years to our age, so get rid of bags by popping two spoons in the fridge for an hour and then placing them on your eyes. And then dig out the heavy artillery, AKA a good concealer! Choose a tone that's a shade lighter than your skin. Apply a tiny bit to the inner corner of your eyes and a couple of dabs under your lower lashes. Blend it in with your fingertip, working out from the inside corner.  

Go easy on the powder

Too much powder will only emphasise any enlarged pores or blemishes. Only apply a face powder if your skin's too shiny and go for a translucent formula that will diffuse light without accentuating your T-zone.  


Add a touch of blusher

To get a natural, fresh-faced finish, apply a touch of peachy pink blusher to the apple of your cheeks and blend out towards your temples. You can also dab a tiny bit onto the crease of your upper eyelids.  

Sex up your eyes

Less is more and going down a natural route is the key...

Apply a light eye shadow to your brow bones and a creamier, darker one to your upper lids (use the colour of your eyes to find an enhancing match).

Finish off with a coat of mascara, for a wide-eyed look.  


Perfect your pout

A touch of lippy brightens any complexion. Red, coral, pink... Go for the one that best shows off your lips. If you prefer a natural look, apply a nude-colour lipstick for a sumptuous nomakeup effect. Apply one that's two tones lighter than your lips to get a kissably uniform finish. Steer clear of lipsticks that are too dark - they'll only pile on the years!