10 tips for glowing skin

Winter is coming, the days are getting shorter, you're worn outÉ And so is your skin! Kiss goodbye to a sallow complexion and follow these 10 tips for glowing skin.

Nourish your skin

The golden rule for a flawless complexion is to moisturise and nourish our skin. This is particularly important during winter, when our skin has to deal with wind, rainy weather and temperature changes - all which can wreak havoc with the upper layers of the epidermis. Apply a moisturiser every morning and, rather than using your light summer cream, opt for a richer one during winter months. It will form a protective barrier against the cold and stop your skin from drying out.  

Deep cleansing

Cleanse your face morning and night to get rid of make up and impurities (dust, pollution, sweat, smoke). Clean skin can breathe and better absorb treatments. Cleansing is the key to glowing skin!  

Nighttime ritual

Skin cells regenerate more quickly during the night. Applying certain treatments can boost cell renewal. After cleansing and before you hit the sack, apply a night cream suited to your needs: anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-fatigue, firming... Once or twice a week apply a hydrating face mask and leave it on overnight. And wake up to glowing skin!  

Scrub off dead skin cells

Nothing's better than a good scrub to give your complexion a wake-up call. Use a fine grain scrub that won't damage your epidermis and apply it using small, circular movements. This will get rid of dead cells and toxins that dull and suffocate skin. Baby soft skin guaranteed!  

Body detox

Adopt a revitalising morning ritual: drink a glass of lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice on an empty stomach. It's a detox winner! It cleanses and drains our organs, whilst giving us a healthy dose of vitamin C to kick-start the day. Don't be naughty and add sugar!  

Detoxify your skin

Face masks are great for pumping skin full of minerals and active ingredients that will give you a radiant complexion. Black clay is oxygenating and packed full of iron and purifying active ingredients that will suck out any toxins and nourish your skin. The occasional purifying face mask will deeply cleanse your epidermis.  

Even out your skin tone

Here's where the war paint comes in to play! Clever make up will help you even out your skin tone. If you have ruddy patches, apply a green-toned base, as it's red's complementary colour and will neutralise these zones. You can also use a corrector stick to hide pimples, scars and liver spots. Finish off with a foundation or BB cream that matches your skin tone, so that it will invisibly blend in as you smooth it across your face.  

Disguise signs of tiredness

Looking tired can really dull our complexions. So time to give it a well-needed boost! Apply a tinted eye roll-on to camouflage dark circles and bags - this will zap all signs of tiredness. Apply it in the morning, before your foundation, to reduce any bags under your eyes. Extra tip: keep a couple of teaspoons in the fridge and, when they're nicely chilled, place them on your eyes for an instant wide-eyed look. Once you've applied your foundation, finish of with a concealer to get rid of any remaining shadows.  

Get rosy cheeks

Rain or shine, apply a bronzing powder or fake tan to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Lightly dust your bronzing powder across your T-zone (chin, nose, forehead) and cheeks. Add a touch of pink blusher to the top of your cheekbones (where you can feel the bones) for a rosy-cheeked complexion. You'll be left with a healthy, fresh-faced look and glowing skin.  

Brighten your skin

The best way to highlight your features is to use the strobing technique - it helps capture light and immediately brightens the complexion. Apply a highlighter to specific parts of your face: the corner of your eyes, on your brow bones, around your mouth and on the tip of your nose. Use a highlighter that's slightly lighter than your foundation and opt for one that contains reflective pigments. The aim? To freshen up your complexion and give you youthful, glowing skin.