5 reasons to roll back the years with a facial massage

Hands up anyone who loves a massage! Few things are more enjoyable than a gentle face or body rub. Massages not only calm us down, but also help our facial skin to regenerate for younger, fresher features. So get your fingers to the ready...

Massage away bad moods

Massages are a sensual pleasure that make us feel great. A quick massage helps to reduce stress-producing cortisol. Happy hormones are released. We relax. We clear our minds. We drift away. And our zen returns. If you close your eyes, you'll find it easier to switch off and enjoy the moment.

Improve your glow

Massaging our faces using a gentle pressing and pinching technique boosts our circulation. Our skin warms and blood flows to its surface, leaving us with a rosy glow. Ever wondered why some women pinch their cheeks when they're looking a bit liverish?

Nourish your skin

Massages improve skin's micro-circulation. As blood flow increases, more nutriments are delivered to our skin tissue. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements that we've ingested surge through our capillaries and flood surrounding skin tissue. Our skin cells get to bathe in a nutrient and oxygen-rich potion. These health-boosting constituents help cells to better function and quickly regenerate. Our skin is able to mount a defence, becomes denser and visually improves.

Give your face a detox

Well-nourished, oxygenated skin cells and tissue can banish toxins more easily. As their ability to repair themselves improves, so does their ability to remove harmful substances. This waste matter is then washed away by our blood. Our skin tissue gets a spring clean. And toxins are drained away.

Look youthfully fresh

If the above hasn't convinced you, remember that facial massages are an effective anti-ageing weapon. They soften our skin and smooth out lines. Plus massaging stimulates our fibroblasts. And once these sensitive cells are tickled into action, they produce more collagen and elastin. Result: instantly denser, firmer skin!