50 to 65: how to pamper mature skin

Ageing skin is part and parcel of life. It all kicks off during our 20's. By 45, the wrinkles are there, but there's still more to come. The differences in our skin between the ages of 50 and 65

Skincare beauty routine at 50

It's around the age of 50 that our skin undergoes dramatic biological changes. The menopause kicks in and our hormones go haywire. Our skin thins, dries out, looks less toned and plump, whilst our wrinkles begin to form furrows. It's all down to slower cell renewal: a mid-life milestone caused by lower collagen and elastin levels. The result? Our epidermis sags, wrinkles deepen, laughter lines appear and liver spots crop up.  In other words, the skincare routines we followed during our 30's and 40's need to be stepped up a notch. We must help our skin to hydrate itself, reinforce its hydrolipidic film, boost cell renewal and stimulate collagen production. So time for preemptive strikes that will both repair our skin and deal with signs of ageing. 

Skincare beauty routine at 65

By the time we're 65, visible signs of ageing have dug in their heels. Unfortunately, our skin will continue to age: sagging, drooping, furrows beside our noses and under our eyes, lines around our mouths... Our skin texture also changes: it thins and dries, becoming more fragile and less plump. Our rosy cheeks are replaced by a paler, more transparent complexion.  Our skin needs different treatments from those that we used during our 50's. Older skin has a hard time dealing with dehydration, so moisturising is key if we want to keep it supple and comfortable. We should also repair our skin (particularly overnight) and pump it full of fortifying calcium-based treatments. Finally, we need to give our circulation a boost so that we can get back our radiant glow. 

Treatments for mature skin

Global action anti-ageing treatments are a godsend when it comes to improving skin density, suppleness and dealing with a dull complexion. These treatments nourish dry/dehydrated skin, stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, whilst plumping up our features. They're generally richer than anti-wrinkle creams. Packed with lipids, they deeply nourish our skin and quench its thirst. Specially designed for mature skin, they give us back the healthy glow of our youth! Apply these treatments (morning and night) to your face, neck and cleavage. You can also treat yourself to eye and lip contour treatments, which will moisturise and smooth these extremely fragile zones.