55 years old: a milestone for my skin

The signs of ageing had already settled in by the time we passed 50. But it's never too late to start using anti-ageing treatments!

We've passed the Big 50 and now it's time to pay attention to our skin

Indeed, biological changes to our skin tend to begin around the age of 55, rather than 50. In other words, 3/4 years after the menopause - the stage in life that most British women reach at around 52 years old. The hormonal changes that we experience also affect our skin and we only need to peer into our mirrors to see the results. Our reflections shows skin that's less dense, less plump, thinner and drier. After the age of 50, our faces show the passage of time, even if we still feel young at heart! It's not easy to deal with minds that are as young as spring chickens when our bodies aren't following suit!

Changes to our skin once we're over 50

We've long since accepted our lines and wrinkles, but now we need to deal with the quality of our skin.  All of which boils down to hormonal changes. The dramatic drop in our oestrogen levels (around 50%) leads to: - loss of tone, - slower cell renewal, - lack of density, - lower levels of collagen and elastin, leading to drier skin. So time to treat ourselves to anti-ageing facial treatments.

Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams

Over time our faces become less plump and our skin becomes duller, drier and thinner. The is THE moment to pamper our faces with anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams. To restore our plump features, it's best to go for treatments that have a 'global action' when it comes to combating the signs of ageing. Global action anti-ageing creams nourish, stimulate and tone up our skin. They help our skin to thicken and give it back a youthful, healthy glow. Anti-ageing creams for the over 50's tend to be thicker and richer than those designed for younger skin. Gorged with lipids, when applied morning and night they feed our skin to compensate for its gradual loss of nutrients.  At the same time, as soon as the sun pokes out its nose, we must make sure our skin is protected from the elements - UV rays and pollution are top of the list. So the moment spring arrives, make sure you apply a sunscreen - SPF 15 minimum!