20 years old: time to cleanse and moisturise

When we're 20 our skin is simply gorgeous! And the idea is to keep it that way for as long as possible. So, what are the well-kept secrets to maintaining our youthful glow? Paying attention to the two most essential skincare tips - cleansing and moisturising!

What does that mean in terms of our beauty routine? Not that much to be honest, although there's a tendancy to invest in anti-ageing creams at a young age. Which is really not necessary at this age. Your best bet is to focus on the basics of looking after your flawless skin. Simple nofilter tricks of the trade to make you look fab for your selfies and social network profiles.

The art of cleansing

Cleanse every evening, no matter how tired you are or if you've crawled in at the crack of dawn. This will get rid of any make up as well as pollution and other impurities. Depending on your skin type and the textures you love, use a micellar water, micellar lotion or foaming cleansing gel. Follow with a moisturiser or a spritz of thermal water. A good cleanse is the best way to keep the signs of ageing at bay. By cleansing morning and night you'll help prevent the appearance of wrinkles further down the line.

The importance of moisturising

When we're 20, stocking our bathroom with a moisturiser is as important as a cleanser. Moisturising our skin is a sure fire way to keeping it supple, plump and glowing. And last but by no means least, to slow down the ageing process. A good hydrating moisturiser is all you'll need until you reach your 30's to keep your skin in good nick.  It's an important step - if our skin's protective barrier (the hydrolipidic film) isn't kept in tact, then our epidermis will dehydrate. Once our skin gets low on water it feels tight and dry. Our complexion dulls and our skin can start to flake. And that's when wrinkles will crop up! The golden rule? To moisturise morning and night... Sorry, no negotiation! Apply a facial moisturiser that's designed for your skin type to clean, dry skin. Useful tip: moisturising lotions are better for combination or oily skin and thicker creams for dry skin.  As you reach 25, you can start to use an eye contour treatment. This is more of a preventative measure to avoid the appearance of fine lines. And dreaded crow's feet! 

Boost your complexion

Our skin tone and texture is nigh-on perfect when we're 20. But sometimes we all like to give it a little pick-me-up. The solution? A multi-tasking BB cream to hydrate, reduce blotches, zap blemishes, even out our skin's texture and protect our faces from harmful UV rays. Its active ingredients (usually glycerin, allantoin and vitamins) hydrate skin and instantly improve its tone. A turbo-charged time-saving product!