3 fabulous textures to ward off dry skin!

Tight, blotchy, dry... Our skin needs extra pampering during winter. Why? Because the cold, wind and damp damage our skin's protective barrier, causing it to dry out. So to keep leathery skin at bay, here are three lipid-rich, winter-busting textures...

Body oils

Vegetable or plant-based oils have numerous skin-friendly benefits. Packed with essential fatty acids, omegas and antioxidants, they nourish skin and leave behind a protective sheath. There are loads to choose from if you want to soothe your dry skin:

- Avocado oil: for its moisturising, protective and regenerative properties

- Sweet almond oil: to soften, nourish and tone skin (works a treat on atopic skin)

- Argan oil: to zap wrinkles, nourish skin thanks to its omegas and antioxidants, as well as boosting cellular renewal

- Coconut oil: to smooth, soften and envelop dry skin in its gorgeous tropical scent!

- Apricot oil: to protect skin's lipid barrier, combat oxidation and leave dry skin soft and supple  The downside? Body oils are often greasy, so can take time to be absorbed. Don't even think about getting dressed straight away! You could always opt for a dry oil

- they have the same beneficial properties, a light, non-sticky texture and are suited to all skin types. 

Word of warning: don't confuse vegetable oils with essential oils. Essentials oils are not designed to be used directly on our skin, but rather mixed with a vegetable oil.

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Body butters

Body butters have a thick, rich texture and are designed to repair skin. They're great for really dry skin that needs an extra-nourishing touch.  They're superb first-aiders and usually of vegetable origin, for example shea butter or cocoa butter. They deeply nourish and repair the epidermis. Their buttery, rich texture instantly comforts irritated skin. It's best to let the butter penetrate your skin, particularly on rough areas such as your elbows or knees. Body butters can be applied daily, just like a cream.  
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Moisturising balms

Balms are the best nourishing, fondant, repairing option during winter. Balms are ultra-nourishing thanks to their omega 6, essential fatty acid, vitamin and antioxidant content. There's nothing better when the mercury free-falls! They're thicker, greasier and more compact than creams: they deeply nourish dry skin and can really help sore or chapped parts of the body - hands, lips, heels...  Argan body balms, for example, are recommended for very dry, wrinkled, mature skin. How and where you apply them depends on how dry your skin feels. They can be used morning and/or at night. It's best to apply a moisturising balm by warming it first in your hands. This makes it easier to massage onto the driest parts of your skin.
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