3 ways to zap the zits after the summer holidays

Summer's over, its rays are dimming and we've broken out in spots. Here's how to prevent spots and deal with unwelcome pimples and blackheads.
The sun can be our worst best friend. One the one hand, it cleans and dries our skin, reducing any spotty blemishes. Our epidermis, however, gets put through the mill. It naturally thickens to protect itself from the sun, meaning sebum accumulates and spots erupt. It's known as the rebound effect and often occurs at the end of summer. Here's how to prevent spots after your holiday.

Don't leach your skin

The best thing for our skin during summer? To go easy when it comes to purifying and cleansing our skin. Best summertime product? A soap-free cleanser to unclog pores, without causing any damage to our skin.What about scrubs? Scrubs are fine, just make sure you use a fine grained scrub and only exfoliate once a week. Pay extra attention to your T-zone.


Our skin needs moisturising whether its dry, combination, oily or blemished. Skipping this step because you have a pimple or two won't do your skin any favours.That said, there are some golden rules: opt for a non-comedogen cream that's hypoallergenic and slightly mattifying.

Nightly cleanse

Our skin regenerates between 11pm and 4am. After your evening cleanse, apply a purifying face oil. Its essential oils will regulate sebum production, whilst soothing and purifying your skin. You'll wake up the next day to evenly toned skin without a pimple in sight!