5 easy as pie anti-ageing tips!

Turning back the clock doesn't need to be painful! Face lifts and injections are not the only solutions - just follow these easy tips for guaranteed results!

Apply a sunscreen all year round

Always apply a moisturiser or BB cream that contains an SPF. Seriously, all year round? Even when strolling around town or on an overcast day? Yes!! 75% of skin's exposure to UV rays happens outside of summer months and 90% of all skin ageing issues are caused by these rays. So time to take things in hand. An SPF 30 is ideal, although on a cloudy day an SPF 15 will do nicely.  

Apply an anti-ageing face mask once a month

An anti-ageing face mask will soak your skin in active ingredients. Apply a thick layer once a month to clean, dry skin. Choose a product rich in anti-ageing ingredients: smoothing, firming, moisturising, anti-blemish, anti-wrinkle ... By coating your face, your skin will be able to absorb all its goodness. And don't forget your neck! Added plus: if you don't use it all up, apply a thin layer to your hands - it will both deeply moisturise the epidermis and help get rid of pigment spots. 

Use a scrub once a week

Nothing beats a scrub to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and allow it to breathe. Opt for a fine scrub that won't damage your skin. Avoid your eye contour area and apply it using small, circular movements. Your skin will be oxygenated, your circulation given a boost and cell renewal will resume at its normal pace. Your complexion will be left even and glowing!  

Fully hydrate your skin on a daily basis

To plump up your skin you'll need to hydrate from both inside and out. Drink non-alcoholic beveragesthroughout the day, even if you're not thirsty - water, tea and herbal/fruit teas will do the trick. When you wake up, give your face a spritz of water and apply a moisturiser. Then, a quarter of an hour later, apply a second layer of moisturiser or an anti-ageing treatment. This will immediately smooth and plump up your skin. 

Nightly facial workout

Don't worry if you feel a bit silly - a daily facial workout is great for toning up our features! Firstly, stand in front of a mirror and grin. As wide as possible! Hold for ten seconds. Repeat 5 times. Then puff out your cheeks and hold for 10 seconds max: again, repeat 5 times. Finally, using circular movements with both hands, massage above your cheekbones and gradually work down to the middle of your cheeks. And kiss goodbye to saggy cheeks and jowls!