5 handy tips for a glowing complexion

Want to wake up to perfect skin? Dream of a perfectly smooth, even-toned glowing complexion? What if we told you it's possible - without breaking the bank or spending hours in the bathroom? Here are 5 handy tips for all-year radiant perfect skin!


A healthy diet

Our skin reflects our diet. A recent study by Harvard University showed that people who eat lots of fruit and veg have clearer, healthier complexions. So pile your plate with fresh, nutrition-packed, seasonal produce - better than off-season, imported food! Gorge on foods packed with free radical-killing vitamins C and E, alongside beta-carotene, found in all red and orange fruits and vegetables. And keep up your fibre intake, to help cleanse your guts and maintain a fresh, dewy complexion.

A quick brush

An even complexion is key to glowing skin. To close open pores and get rid of skin-dulling dead cells, apply a gentle, cleansing foam with a soft-bristled face brush. Whether electric or not, face brushes gently exfoliate and boost skin's micro-circulation. And if you fancy a bit of variety, alternate it with a gentle, facial scrub. Our tip: don't scrub if your skin is thin or sensitive. You could end up with red patches and tight, itchy skin.

Purifying Mask

To combat dull skin, treat yourself to a purifying face mask. Often clay-based, they soak up any impurities and clear clogged pores, without drying out or irritating skin. Just make sure you follow the instructions! Apply a mask regularly if you have oily or blemish-prone skin

A dose of vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for skin. It instantly adds a rosy glow. It brightens skin and zaps age spots. And it whips skin tissue back into shape. An age-busting ingredient, it blocks free radical chain reactions. It boosts collagen-producing fibroblasts to keep skin youthfully firm.

Morning and evening cleanse

The glowing complexion golden rule. A morning cleanse will get rid of any sebum produced during the night - a time when our skin expels toxins and regenerates. And an evening cleanse will remove make up, sunscreens and any grime that's built up during the day. Need convincing? Look at the cars around you - the dirt stuck to their bonnets is also clinging to your face! So religiously cleanse, even if you have a tip-top diet and lifestyle. Indeed, some scientists believe that our bodies contain more pollution than the urban jungles in which we live...