5 ways to banish sleep wrinkles from your face!

The alarm's sounded, you're knackered and to top it all your pillow's left marks etched all over your face. Follow these tips to avoid unflattering, visible sleep wrinkles.
Pillow creases disappear in a flash when we're young. It's a different kettle of fish, however, as we get older. Our natural elastin and collagen levels drop over the years, meaning the Early Morning Crease Syndrome gets harder to shift! Some dig in their heels - vertical lines on the cheek, crow's feet that seem to reach our ears or diagonal slats across our forehead.  


Sleep on your back

 Pillow creases are formed when we sleep on our tummy or side. Heads are heavy objects and when we toss and turn or roll over it creases our skin. So the only sure-fire way to avoid creases is to sleep on your back! That said, some of us can't... Which means we'd need to stay still all night long. Not exactly feasible is it? Even so, lying on your back when you nod off, or rolling on to your back if you wake up during the night, will help limit facial tram lines. 


A spritz of cold water

Creased skin loves cold water. It zaps signs of tiredness, bags under the eyes and decongests the eye contour. Splashing your face with cold water will revitalise your complexion and get rid of pillow-induced crumpled features.

Massage, tap and rev up your system

   One of the reasons we end up with creases is poor circulation. Using small, circular movements, massage your face every morning with a dollop of cream or oil. Finish off by tapping your face, concentrating on your eye contour and cheekbones. Why? It'll boost your blood flow and plump up any creases on your face, giving you beautiful skin. 


Hydrate your body, inside and out

     When facial skin isn't plumped up, it tends to crease. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day to add elasticity - a plump, firm face doesn't crease as much as a dehydrated one! You can give your skin a helping hand by applying a moisturiser morning and night. Opt for a rich cream packed with active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. You'll wake up to beautiful skin and smoother wrinkles.  


Treat yourself to some satin!

  Slipping between satin sheets lowers the risk of creases. Satin doesn't leave lines on our skin, unlike polyester or cotton. If you don't want to go the whole hog, you can always cover your pillow with a satin scarf!