8 trendy ash hair color ideas that will inspire you

Are you tired of getting the same hairstyle? Spice up your look with some ashy hair color. Here's how you can find the right one for you.

Ash hair color continues to stay trendy among young urban Filipinas and hair enthusiasts. Not only does it look unique compared to other styles and hair colors, but it's also a great way to stand out from the usual natural dark hair tones you see each day.

Ash hair colors come in all sorts of varieties and shades, giving off a sophisticated and stylish grayish hue—expect that this trend won't be going away anytime soon!

If you're one of the many people interested in trying out this hairstyle, check out our guide on how you can find the right ashy shade for you. But before picking up some beauty products in the Philippines to get started, here are a few things you should know about this trendy look.

Ash Hair Colors 101

The ashy hair color you've been eyeing is a level of pigment rather than a light or dark shade of dye. These pigments come in cool shades with some hints of blue and green pigment levels. As a result, you end up with a color that compares to a silvery and smokey appearance.

While the look is appealing, different shades of ash hair color can complement different skin tones. To play it safe, young hair enthusiasts would rely on the advice of their usual stylist. But today, fun tools like a virtual hair color app are there to let you check a hair color digitally without the commitment.

Going with ash hair color is best if you've got yellow, red, or orange tones in your hair that you want to get rid of. Depending on how vivid you want it, the color scale can also go from black to platinum blonde with secondary shades of peach, gold, mahogany, or copper, creating different shades of the same look.

The Best Ash Hair Color Ideas for Your Next Look

With so many variations of ash hair colors that you can try, picking your first one can be tricky. Check out the list below for the source of your new hair inspo.

1. Dark Ash Brown

Going for a dark ashy brown gives you vibrant natural tones with highlights of silver and blue tones. This is one of the easiest looks to pull off, all thanks to L’Oréal Paris's Excellence Ash Supreme.

2. Silvery Ash

The silvery ash hair color is one of the most popular among young women because of its unique tones. Achieving this hair color starts with a light blonde base and uses multiple tints of grey to fade into a nice silver ash look.

While it is one of the hardest styles to pull off, it's worth a try once you get your hair to the right shade. With the Excellence Ash Supreme in Silver Ash, you can achieve up to 3 times the tone lift for darker hair to help you stay on-trend with style.

3. Ash Blonde or Gray Balayage

If you want to lean more towards silver tones, go for the ashy blonde look. Alternatively, this hair color is also great for covering up grey strands without getting to your roots.

4. Smoky Ash

This hair color is a timeless one that everyone can pull off without the need for much effort. The overall brown hue is mixed with gold tints and reddish tones. Consider the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Ash Supreme in Smoky Ash to get that naturally sexy brunette look.

5. Light Ash Blonde with Dark Roots

This is an even lighter alternative to Smoky Ash but highlights your dark roots for a more natural-looking fade. It gives your hair a light blonde hue with tints of grey to create an ashy look on the surface while maintaining darker-colored roots.

6. Ash Brown with Blonde Highlights

The ashy brown look with blonde highlights is the way to go if you've ever been curious if you could pull off being a blonde. Get the best of both worlds without the full commitment by fading your hair into a beautiful brown tone with a tint of silver and honey.

7. Champagne Ash


Champagne Ash gives you a nice blend of neutral-warm tones that doesn't overpower you with yellow tones. For many, it's a great style to brighten your overall look during the summer. The L’Oréal Paris Excellence Ash Supreme comes in a long-lasting champagne ash shade that's meant for any Filipina skin tone.

8. Matt Ash

This ash hair color variant is perfect for achieving a look of sophistication while adding a bit of personality to your usual hairstyle. It has a cool hue of beige and brown that works well for even the darkest of Asian hair colors. Try out the L’Oréal Paris Excellence Ash Supreme for the perfect matt ash look!

Glam up with L’Oréal Paris

Sticking to the same hairstyle for years can get pretty boring. But with a bit of research and guidance, you can find new hair trends to try out. The ash hair color is a style that remains popular with young women and hair enthusiasts thanks to its many variations.

If you’re worried about Ash hair not turning out as expected, even becoming brassy with yellow tones, try out L’Oréal Paris Excellence Ash Supreme! It’s made with Anti-Brass Purple Technology to give you long-lasting Ash shades without the brass.

Get yourself a fresh look today with L’Oréal Paris's online collection of hair color and beauty products.

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