8 flattering brown hair color ideas that don’t require bleaching

Try these brown hair color ideas and trends for when you want to go brunette.

We’re quite sure it’s not just us who, at first glance, would likely mistake seeing different shades of brown hair color as one and the same. No one’s complaining, though, nuh-uh!

Brown hair color is never boring; in fact, it’s extremely versatile. You can choose from light brown shades such as caramel or honey to darker tones like espresso and chocolate. And since brown hair color comes in a spectrum of shades, there’s one for everyone who fancies being a sophisticated brunette—yes, we’re looking at you!

So, go on and scroll down to the rest of the article for eight of the best brown hair color shades and trends. These ideas require no bleaching—so you’ll be nailing that perfect brunette look in no time!

1. Ash Brown

Ash brown is the modern take on brunette hair color. Popularized by fashion influencers not too long ago, the trend has since fueled an obsession among stylish individuals who love its balanced blend of deep, rich brown color and cool gray tones.

It can be tricky to ace this not too light but not too dark hair color, so you need to pick your hair dye properly. Go for those with anti-brass purple shampoo and mask, such as Excellence Ash Supreme Brunette Ash, for that perfect in-between shade without a nasty, random orange or yellow tone.

2. Light Beige Brown

Whether your skin tone is warm or cool, light beige brown hair color can look flattering on you as it adds a gorgeous pop to your locks.

You can also play around with this shade and achieve a more dramatic effect! Have your hair styled either in balayage (vertical placement of hair color) or ombre (color lines in a horizontal placement) using two-color shades. Achieve this look with the Excellence Ash Supreme Beige Ash.

3. Golden Brown

Photo by Valera Evane from Pexels

Golden brown is definitely golden for its attractively warm and high-fashion appearance. No wonder A-list celebrities love wearing this sun-kissed hair color on the red carpet, their social media feeds, and fashion magazines—anywhere they can flaunt their favorite ‘do.

Wear your hair straight and sleek, wavy, or braided. You’ll find it easy to rock any hairstyle with the right shade of golden brown. Look no further and check out Fashion Ultra Lights Golden Brown from L’Oréal!

4. Dark Brown

This shade brings out the richness and darkness of brown, landing it on the list of all-time favorite hair colors for most girls. Dark brown is so multifaceted you can wear it any way you want—short or long locks, straight or curly tresses.

You can also wear it as your hair’s primary shade or as highlights, in summer or winter, at school or in the office, and for everyday wear or social events. Achieve a naturally chic look with the Excellence Crème in Brown, a hair dye for unbeatable shine and stronger hair.

5. Honey Brown

Honey brown lets you stay within a certain level of comfort by not being too bold or edgy yet far from being dull.

Best to go with this hair color for your light to medium warm or cool complexion. L’Oréal’s Excellence Ash Supreme Honey Ash can complement both straight flowing and short wavy hair and be a fabulous match to your gray, green, or brown contact lenses.

6. Espresso Brown

Just like its caffeinated namesake, espresso brown is infused with vibrant and energizing qualities. This cool-toned shade is on the darker range of brown with a gorgeous, not the flat type, shine. Plus, whether you’re wearing it as your main hair color or as highlights, espresso brown is a head-turner that will match just about any skin tone or eye color.

If you want these features, we’re pretty sure you’ll love how L’Oréal elevates the espresso brown hair color with a four-time tone lift on dark hair through the Excellence Fashion Espresso Ash Brown.

7. Cinnamon Brown

Photo by Olya Prutskova from Pexels

Another rich brown color with a hint of coppery spice; don’t worry about your skin tone, as cinnamon brown works fine with light, medium, or dark complexions. The best part? It still looks great even as it fades, making it a low-maintenance hair color without giving yourself away.

8. Chestnut Brown

This list won’t be complete without chestnut brown—one of the best picks for the perfect brunette look. It’s warm, elegant, and never goes out of style. From classic brown to vibrant auburn, this shade has been the crowning glory of models, celebrities, royalties, and other beautiful faces. Add your name to the roster of chestnut brown beauties with the help of Fashion Ultra Lights Natural Brown!

Color Your World with Brown

No doubt, each of us has dreamed of or donned a particular shade of brown at least once in our hair transformation journey—and for good reasons. Within the brown family of colors, there’s one that’s sure to reflect your style or personality while letting you scale things up some more.

Know a fellow hair color enthusiast who’s head over heels for brown? Bookmark this page or share this content with them! Then, make sure to browse the L’Oréal Paris website to find a wide range of beauty and hair care products for Filipina lovelies.

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