Cleansing, the golden rule for perfect skin

We've heard it all before and it's true - going to bed without removing our make up is a big beauty no-no! Cleansing is the one way ticket to keeping our skin glowing for as long as possible.
If you want gorgeous, glowing, perfect skin make sure you cleanse both morning and night. It will get rid of any toxins that have built up during the day (pollution, smoke, stress), as well as any grime accumulated overnight. It's more than just a skincare ritual - it's the magic trick that all us young women should adopt and continue throughout our lives.  But cleansing is still an art, with rules to follow! You can use wipes, cotton pads, gentle brushes, your hands - the choice is yours: the important thing is that it's correctly done. Gently cleanse twice a day, concentrating on your eyes (eye make up can be tough to remove) and use a skin cleanser that suits your skin type - lotion, oil, micellar water, gel mousse... Finish off by applying a toner or a spritz of thermal water. If you want to go the whole hog, try double cleansing - works a treat!