Dark circles and bags under eyes: time to Chop Kick our panda eyes to the curb!

Puffy eyes, bluey-violet circles, tired lines... We're worn out and, boy oh boy, does it show! But don't panic, we're here to tell you how you can get rid of pesky dark circles and bags.
Dark circles and bags under eyes often appear when we're tired. But there are other causes: poor circulation can make thread veins under our eyes more apparent. As for bags, they're caused by accumulated fat under our eyelids. Age and genetic factors can make them worse, but there are still plenty of ways in which we can camouflage our panda eyes.  Firstly, we can zap dark circles by boosting our blood flow. Apply treatments that contain caffeine and aloe vera, make sure you moisturise, place cold items on your eyes to reduce puffiness and, finally, invest in a suitable concealer that adequately covers dark circles. To reduce bags, moisturise with revitalising textures such as cream gels, eye contour masks that can be left on for several minutes or overnight and eye contour treatments applied with a de-congesting metal tip suited to this extremely fragile part of the face.  Not forgetting your beauty sleep... Plenty of shut-eye = less fatigue = fewer dark circles and bags! So pop on your jammies, get a good night's sleep and wake up as fresh as a daisy!