Does it really matter if I don't cleanse my skin?

Cleansing is THE golden rule if you want to keep your skin glowing for longer. But it's important to cleanse correctly and use the right product: here's the lowdown...

Cleansing is essential for perfect skin.

 E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L (sorry to nag, girls!). Even if you're not wearing make up, only wearing a bit or if you've crawled in the crack of dawn. Why? Because if you don't take off any foundation you put on the morning, your skin will suffocate and your pores will get clogged, leading to an excess of sebum and spots. Because if you haven't taken off your make up, there's no use in applying a night cream. Don't forget that dehydrated skin ages quicker. Because leaving on make up prevents skin from being oxygenated, making it look dull and grey. Because uncleansed skin is more likely to become irritated, blotchy and inflamed. So, if you want to keep your gorgeous, even-toned glow, cleansing is a must. No negotiation! 

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Choosing the right cleanser for my skin

Don't pick up any old cleanser - it's vital you choose one adapted to your skin type and needs. For sensitive, irritated skins that need gentle care, opt for micellar water, a dermatological soap or a cleansing lotion that will clean, soothe and soften your skin. For dry skin, apply a cleansing oil - this will nourish your skin and remove make up without the need to rub. Use a gel or mousse if you have oily skin to deeply cleanse your skin and remove any excess sebum. As for mature skin, cleansing milks are best. They deeply nourish skin and remove impurities. If you have normal skin, the choice is yours!  
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How to correctly cleanse

   You can use a cotton pad, a wipe or your fingers and the idea is to gently cleanse without rubbing your skin to death. Start with your eyes. Applying a bi-phase cleanser to your eye contour allows the oil content to dissolve even the most stubborn of make up. Hold the cotton pad against your eyes so that it can start to work and then gently wipe off any dirt or make up using circular, clockwise movements.

This will boost your circulation and avoid the appearance of bags under your eyes. Follow with the rest of your face, gently massaging from the centre outwards. And don't forget your neck! If you apply your cleanser with your fingertips (oils, mousses, gels, creams) massage it on to your face for a minute or so. If you need to use a cotton pad (for lotions and micellar water), keep applying your cleanser until all traces of make up and grime have gone. Finish of with a spritz of floral or thermal water. And there you have it - squeaky clean, glowing, perfect skin!

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