Get glowing: tips for beautiful skin from morning till night!

There are inevitably days when we don't wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. Our 4-stage tips for glowing skin will bring back some brightness to your complexion and guarantee successful selfies. Read on to find out how to get glowing skin!

Boost radiance with anti-fatigue skin care

We often forget this part, but it is impossible to achieve glowing skin without perfect moisturisation. Dehydrated skin sets off a chain reaction. As your skin cannot retain water in its cells, its natural exfoliation is altered, dead cells accumulate on its surface, its texture is no longer smooth and its light reflection is fragmented.  To alleviate this dehydration, we need to go back to basics: in the morning, wake your face up with a micellar lotion then apply a moisturising cream. Hydrated skin reflects light better. You can even cheat a bit and go for a new-generation day cream that combines moisturising agents and colour micro-capsules that instantly illuminate your complexion, like real-life Photoshop. These moisturising products are your magic wand for glowing skin.  

Take care of the small stuff: target imperfections

Visible pores? Fine lines? For perfect, silky, even skin, the secret is a blur cream. It's a must-have for healthy complexion.As well as dealing with ageing skin problems, it acts as a base to soften all your little imperfections, eliminate dark areas linked to your skin texture and diffuse the light perfectly. 

Glowing skin needs the right makeup

In winter, there's nothing like a liquid foundation for saving face. Rather than an on-trend matte version, we prefer a satin foundation that attracts the light more, thus helping you in your quest for radiance.On sunny days, use a tinted moisturiser that captures the light yet lets your skin shine through. And there's a new product you won't be able to live without this summer: GG Cream. In just a few seconds, it can provide an even skin tone, a sunny complexion and a bronzed effect without covering up your skin's natural beauty.  To finish off: a touch of highlighter on the areas the sun hits most, like your cheekbones and forehead. Or even a bronzing powder, chock full of golden pigments; the perfect light reflectors; as a radiant halo to perfect your look.  

Most importantly: makeup off before bed

This is one of our most important tips for glowing skin: NEVER get under the covers without taking off your makeup. Even at 3am.  Eliminate the impurities that have built up throughout the day with a makeup remover oil, foam or milk (depending on your preferences and skin type). Then, the finishing touch: a refreshing lotion, like Eclat Sublime Tonique Clarifiant toner, ideal for revealing a fresh, luminous complexion.