Glycolic Acid Benefits: How It Can Address Your Skin Concerns

Glycolic acid is among the many skincare trends that are growing in popularity. Learn what benefits you can get from it to address your skincare concerns.

Everyone wants to achieve clear and youthful skin that brings back their glow. But because each person’s skin can be different, there are various ways to remedy specific skin concerns today. Just a quick search online can show you how vast the market of skin care products in the Philippines has become. And with so many options, how do you know which one to choose?


To help you narrow down the best skincare routine for you, first consider their common ingredients. Some components work better than others, which is why they become a staple in nearly every skincare product. Take glycolic acid, for example. It can be considered one of the holy grails of skincare ingredients. But why is that?


Unlike other skincare remedies, using products with glycolic acid can have a lot of benefits to your routine. Not only is it easy to find, but it can also help you address some of the most common skin concerns known today.


What is Glycolic Acid?


Glycolic acid is a type of water-soluble made from sugar cane. In the skincare world, it’s considered one of the most widely used alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) in various skincare products. When applied topically, the tiny molecules in the acid are easily absorbed into the skin.


Over time, it also improves cell turnover rates and allows dead skin to shed more quickly on its own. As such, it becomes ideal for improving your skin texture and other general concerns.



How Can Glycolic Acid Benefit You?


Similar to other skincare ingredients, glycolic acid can have a lot of varying benefits for your skin to keep you looking young and beautiful. But to truly appreciate its benefits, you’ll need to develop a deeper understanding of how it works and what it can do to address your skin concerns. 


1. Brightens dull skin


Dull skin can look lackluster, flat, and may even feel bumpy or rough to the touch. This is usually caused by dead skin cells building up on the surface of your skin. It is also one of the most common skin problems because it can happen at any age, regardless of your environment. 


Applying a topical solution with glycolic acid can help loosen the clumps of dead skin. This helps eliminate any stubborn dirt and residue on your face and reveal more radiant and glowing skin. For the best results, apply the solution up to four times a week or as advised by a professional. 


2. Helps fade hyperpigmentation


Hyperpigmentation is a common condition where some areas of the skin become darker than others. Usually, these patches can appear brown, gray, black, pink, or red. Some people know them better as sun spots or age spots since it's more common as you get older. 


One of the best remedies for dark spots is using products such as creams or serum with glycolic acid. The ingredient will boost your collagen production and help protect your skin when applied. With regular use, your skin tone will begin to even out. 


3. Hydrates dry skin 


Dry skin happens when there isn't enough moisture being absorbed by your skin. This can be caused by not drinking enough water or using products that prevent moisture from getting through. 


Moisturizing with the Glycolic Bright Glowing Day Cream can be the healthy answer when you’re wondering how to hydrate skin properly. For the best results, apply this after your nightly routine so that your skin has a chance to absorb it while you sleep. 


4. Can combat acne


Acne usually starts showing up when you begin puberty and becomes less apparent when you enter adulthood. Some cases are especially worse if you are prone to oily skin. 


Since blocked pores usually cause stubborn acne, using a daily cleanser like the  Glycolic Bright Cleanser Foam can help clear up dirt and oil on the surface of the skin. You can use this daily for the best results. 


5. Promotes anti-aging solutions


Many products in the market promote anti-aging solutions that don't necessarily work. But when glycolic acid is added to the mix, it acts as a deep exfoliator, removing dead cells and flattening the skin. This makes factors like wrinkles and fine lines less visible the more you use them. 


6. Prevents ingrown hair 


Ingrown hairs can cause tiny swollen bumps on the surface of the skin, which can feel painful. This usually happens in areas where you shave or wax hair. One way of preventing ingrown hair is to use glycolic acid to shrink the size of your pores.



Fair Skin Solutions With Glycolic Acid


With different skincare trends popping up, keeping up with the best products and routines can get confusing. Because of this, the best way to find the right solution for your concerns is to focus on the best ingredients, like glycolic acid. This will not only help ensure you get the skincare benefits you are looking for, but it can also strengthen your daily routine. 


Products like L’Oréal’s Glycolic Bright line can help you maintain good skin health. Combined with healthy habits, adding these products to your skincare regimen can bring out the radiant and beautiful skin you’ve always wanted. For more insights on how you can achieve that Filipina charm, check out the online shop today. 

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