Help Im shattered How can I revive my skin

You partied 'til dawn, your baby was up with the crows, you tossed and turned all night... And the lack of sleep has made its mark. Here are some great tips to help you revive your body and soul.
Everyone needs their beauty sleep. But sometimes thing's don't work out as planned. Insomnia, late night at the office, poorly kids or a great (but long) night out: the lack of sleep has wreaked havoc with your skin. Here's an action plan to get you bright eyed and bushy tailed.  
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Before you hit the sack

Whatever the time, even if it's at the crack of dawn, there's no going to bed until you've cleansed your face. Sorry girls, no negotiation on this one! Face oil, foaming cleanser, lotion, micellar water - the choice is yours.
Why? Cleansing rids skin of impurities such as make up, pollution, smoke and sweat. No need to scrub your skin to death - a gentle cleanse using small, circular movements will do (don't forget your neck!).
Finish off with a spritz of thermal water and a moisturiser to help your skin to regenerate overnight. Last but not least, drink a large glass of water before you crawl under the covers. Trust us, you'll be grateful in the morning!  
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A gentle wake-up call

Start your day by sipping a glass of fresh lemon juice in warm water. It'll kick-start your motor and boost your complexion. Apply a skin brightening lotion to freshen up your face. Follow by washing your face with a gentle, non-abrasive soap and, if you have the time, apply a detoxifying face mask to help revive your skin. Slathering on a clay mask will suck out any toxins and bathe your face in active ingredients that will help restore your glow. Finish off with your usual moisturiser and apply your eye contour treatment using a metal applicator - the cold will decongest this fragile zone that's quick to show a lack of sleep.  
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Go easy with the make up.

Sometimes less is more...
Don't try to cover up a lack of sleep by piling on the war paint, not least because it'll clog your skin.
Apply a tinted or BB cream, which will discreetly camouflage any blemishes. Brush on a touch of blusher, add a dab of lipstick and finish with a coat of mascara. You'll look as fresh as a daisy and be ready to face your day!  
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