How can I help my skin once I'm 65?

Firstly, don't listen to anyone who says that all's lost once we reach our mid-sixties. There's still plenty we can do to combat signs of ageing skin. OK, so our skin's drier, thinner and less toned. But we can also gracefully grow old! The solution?

Opt for treatments designed for your age and the state of your skin. Here are our skin care tips.

Golden rule No.1 - Moisturise

 Our skin gets thinner and drier during our mid-sixties. Moisturising regularly is essential if our skin is to feel supple and comfortable. Creams designed for mature skin are hydrating, revitalising and toning. They usually contain vegetable oils packed with essential fatty acids (borage, argan oil) that will deeply moisturise our skin. These prevent dehydration and reinforce our skin's natural barrier. Opt for rich textures, as our skin needs nourishing, lipid-rich treatments. Ultra-nourishing treatments packed with draining active ingredients (caffeine, horse chestnut) are best at night, as they'll zap bags and puffiness caused by our circulation slowing down whilst we sleep.  

Repair your skin to combat signs of ageing

We need to give our skin a helping hand! Calcium is a key active ingredient when it comes to repairing, fortifying, anti ageing day/night creams. Calcium's often combined with other active ingredients (fatty acids, antioxidants) and plays a key role in skin functions such as cell regeneration in the epidermis. It also works wonders when included in treatments designed for our lips and eye contours. These are particularly fragile parts of the face and are quick to show signs of ageing. You can find anti ageing treatments that specifically deal with sagging skin - madecassosides for example plump up wrinkles from the inside out.  

Keeping a youthful glow

None of us want to wake up to dull, sallow skin. But by the time we hit 65, our skin has become thinner and more transparent. Cleansing is a sure-fire way to get a glowing complexion, but we can also give our skin a extra brightening boost with a gentle, weekly scrub. Apply it to dry skin, before your bath or shower. Exfoliating helps our skin to soak up anti ageing active ingredients in our creams, so make sure you add a face scrub to your next shopping list!