How to choose the best cleanser for your skin type

Cleansing is an essential, non-negotiable part of any daily beauty routine. So choosing the right cleanser is key to keeping your skin flawless and glowing. Here are our tips for choosing the right one!

To hydrate dry skin

Dry skin: it feels tight and itchy after washing, is hyper-sensitive, hates changes in temperature, can get blotchy, feels rough and dry, flaky patches may appear.Skincare prescription: to moisturise and make it feel comfortable.The best cleanser: either a cleansing cream that's thicker than a lotion or micellar water. These will pamper and nourish your skin to make it even more beautiful as the days go by. It will be nourished and hydrated so you can kiss goodbye to ruddy, tight, itchy skin.

To balance out normal or combination skin

Normal or combination skin: dry patches on parts of the face with fewer sebaceous glands (cheekbones, temples, jawline), and oily areas on the central zone - the famous 'T-zone'. Normal and combination skins are the easiest to look after, it's just a matter of creating a balance. Skincare prescription: hydrating active ingredients and those that balance out sebum production.The best cleanser: a cleansing oil to dislodge impurities including waterproof make up, without irritating the epidermis and, most of all, without stimulating the sebaceous glands. You skin will feel clean, moisturised and its hydrolipidic film will be left intact.

To purify oily skin

Oily skin: this skin type secretes a lot more sebum, particularly around the T-zone. The idea is to get rid of this excess sebum along with impurities that suffocate skin, obstruct its pores and lead to blackheads and blemishes.Skincare prescription: a gentle, purifying beauty routine to balance and mattify your skinThe best cleanser: a gel or mousse to deeply cleanse your skin. Their aqueous textures will dissolve make up, purify your skin and get rid of excess sebum.

To soothe sensitive, irritated skin

Sensitive and irritated skin: a highly reactive skin type that can sting or feel itchy and hot. It can get blotchy and may suffer when exposed to the sun, cold, temperature changes, soaps, stress and emotional states.Skincare prescription: a soft, moisturising texture to make it feel comfortable.The best cleanser: a soothing formula, such as micellar water, perfect for sensitive skin and those that react badly to tap water. A soap and often perfume-free cleanser, it maintains skin's natural pH level and is suited to all skin types. Fluid, fresh and as light as water, as efficient as a lotion, it's particularly good for skin that tends to get blotchy.

To nourish mature skin

Mature skin: We've accepted our wrinkles, now it's time to pay attention to the quality of our skin - loss of tone, slower skin cell renewal, sagging, lower collagen and elastin levels and a dry epidermis. Mature skin is thinner, drier and less dense.Skincare prescription: gentle, loving care! Alongside active ingredients that will strengthen skin.The best cleanser: a lotion to get rid of impurities without damaging skin. A cleanser that will also nourish mature skin. Ultra-moisturising, so that it won't, unlike tap water, harm skin.