How to DIY hair highlights at home

DIY highlights? At home? It’s possible. Here’s a quick guide on how to give your hair eye-catching highlights in the comfort of your home.

We know what you’re thinking—it’s time to liven your hair up with highlights. For those who can’t pay a visit to the salon but are in dire need of a hair transformation, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for to do it yourself.

Hairstyles like ombre, highlights, or balayage can give you that much-needed dramatic change that adds depth and dimension to your locks. So, if you’re handy with a brush or would like to give DIY highlights a try at home, you’re in the right place.

Breathe new life into your tresses with the help of the L’Oreal Excellence Fashion permanent hair color without bleach. Select from our wide range of trendy shades with Triple Care Color technology for that salon-inspired hair makeover you’ve been itching to get. Here’s how you can DIY highlights at home that don’t require great commitment.

1. Decide how light you want to go

The lighter you want to go, the more difficult it is to do it yourself. Plus, going more than four shades lighter might require some bleaching and professional hands.

When deciding how light you want your highlights or balayage to go, look at the kit’s starting point shade reference. Sometimes, a natural-looking dimension is enough for a quick and easy DIY hair dye job at home. For example, a matte ash balayage or highlight is achievable without pre-lightening and can be a subtle yet eye-catching change for those with a dark base.

2. Read the box dye kit instructions carefully

Getting a box dye kit is a better DIY option than purchasing professional products individually since the kit takes the guesswork out the window. Buy a hair color kit made for highlights. Make sure to read the instructions and prepare everything you need before you start.

Box dye kits also include instructions on how to do an allergy test, so do that first to see whether or not you’re allergic to the product. And, of course, safety first, so wear gloves and avoid getting the product in contact with your eyes and skin.

3. Do a test strand

Like patch testing for new skincare products, it helps to do a strand test to check if you’ll like the shade.

You can do a strand test by grabbing a strip of your hair then applying an ample amount of highlight. Let it sit for the total length of time indicated on the box, then wipe the hair clean to check how light the hair turned out. You can continue to apply the cream and check on the section every five minutes until you reach your desired level of lightness.

4. Wear your hair as you usually would

Start the dyeing process with how you would normally style your hair. Whether you typically head out the door with straight hair or with waves, let your locks fall that way. This helps you section your hair better for highlighting, allowing you to paint the depth effect for a more natural look.

5. Start from the bottom-up and front-backward

An essential trick you want to keep in mind is knowing where to start and when to stop applying the color. So, pay attention to this tip, especially if you’re highlighting on your own with just a mirror as extra eyes.

When doing highlights, you’d want to start applying dye from the bottom strands up to the middle of the hair shaft. Going a little higher can get the products on your skin or places of your face you don’t want to get the product on. Start from the front and work your way to the back.

6. Develop your highlights for as long as indicated on the box.

Even if you’re just doing your highlights, the total processing time should be the same as when you would normally color your hair with box dye. Remember to check the box’s instructions as a point of reference. If you leave your hair developing for more than recommended, your hair will not lighten any further and could actually darken from overexposure. If you’re the type to get easily distracted by what you’re doing and lose track of time, set a timer, so you won’t forget when it’s time to rinse.

7. Start small (and add later on if you feel confident)

If you’re not too confident about going all out with the highlights on your own, you can always start small for better control and to gauge if you can do it yourself (yes, you can). The best thing about highlights is you can always build it up or add more after some trials and when you’re finally confident to go all the way.

Get More Flattering Locks at Home

Getting highlights is achievable at home with L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion. Remember to pay attention and maintain a careful eye and hand throughout the process. As long as you do research and enough preparation and have realistic expectations, DIY highlights can be done at home with or without bleach.

If you’re not sure which among the shades of the Excellence Fashion line you want to go for, head on over to the L’Oreal Paris Virtual Try-On page to get an idea of how the colors look on you before making the purchase.

For affordable yet salon-quality hair products perfect for every Filipina, check out the L’Oreal Paris shop online in the Philippines. Get the hair products you need for your long overdue hair makeover.

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