Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid: Difference and Benefits

Hyaluronic and glycolic acid are two of the most popular skincare ingredients. This guide helps you choose which is best for your skin concerns.

There’s an abundance of acids available in the skincare market today. Depending on which kind, they’re known to fight common skin concerns such as acne, wrinkles, age spots, and uneven skin tone. Being familiar with the different skin care products in the Philippines will help you formulate the best skincare routine.


Many beauty junkies and gurus share tips and treatments that address skin issues. Numerous videos and blogs show you the holy grail products they swear by, making it can be hard to pick out the ideal product for you.


Two of the most widely used acids are hyaluronic and glycolic acid—for good reasons. There are many differences between hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid, but each has numerous benefits. Understanding each acid and how they differ is essential to reap its value. This article will serve as a cheat sheet explaining the differences and benefits of hyaluronic and glycolic acid.



What is Hyaluronic Acid?


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that the body naturally produces, and it’s found in different parts, such as the joints, skin, bones, lips, and eyes. Its gooey, slippery texture provides hydration for the skin, giving a plump and youthful glow.


Unlike other acids, HA has lower acidic levels and doesn’t exfoliate the skin. Instead, its hydrating power locks in moisture by binding to water molecules, acting as a humectant. Hyaluronic benefits include anti-aging properties, reduced eczema and facial redness, and increased skin elasticity. As you get older, HA decreases in the body. That’s why people result to adding it to their skincare. 



What is Glycolic Acid?


Glycolic acid (GA) is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from plants like sugarcane, beets, and some fruits. It’s a substance strong enough to dissolve dead skin cells and oils found on the outermost layer of the skin, making it an effective chemical exfoliant.


Users typically experience stinging, burning, and redness with GA, but this goes away once your skin gets used to it. Since the skin becomes more sensitive to UV rays when using products with GA, it’s always advised to apply sunscreen.


Glycolic acid benefits include antibacterial and anti-aging properties, which are useful in treating acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. This golden standard of AHAs is also helpful in fading hyperpigmentation and improving the skin’s surface and texture.



Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid: Skin Benefits

Hyaluronic Acid

Glycolic Acid

- Keeps skin soft and hydrated

- Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles

- Acts as a great moisturizer

- Boosts wound healing

- Gives skin a youthful glow

     - Rejuvenates the skin

     - Helps fade dark spots

     - Acts as a great exfoliator

     - Decongests clogged pores

     - Refines texture and surface


Hyaluronic Acid Skin Benefits

1. Keeps skin soft and hydrated

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that can attract and retain water in the skin. When you keep your skin hydrated, it stays soft and healthy. HA users typically apply hyaluronic serums on a damp face to preserve hydration within the skin. 


2. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles



Products with hyaluronic acid aid in preventing and fighting off matured skin. One of the most effective HA products for anti-aging is in the form of serums. For instance, the Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Serum is an excellent choice to combat aging signs. It contains 1.5% pure HA, which offers intense hydration from within to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, smoothening the skin. 


3. Acts as a great moisturizer


Since hyaluronic acid is famous for locking in moisture in the skin, it acts as a great moisturizer. Many skincare products meant to moisturize the skin usually have hyaluronic acid. They can be found in toners, serums, and creams. L’Oréal’s Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Day Cream is formulated with patented micro-hyaluronic acid (micro HA), delivering excellent hydration deep into the skin.


4. Boosts wound healing


Hyaluronic acid helps in wound healing by minimizing the risk of infection through its antibacterial properties. It also aids in reducing inflammation, which is beneficial in skin conditions like acne. 


5. Gives skin a youthful glow


Using hyaluronic acid promotes youthful skin through its hydrating and filling power. Just the same, L’Oréal’s Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Day Cream supplies the skin with ample and long-lasting moisture to smoothen and give it the bouncy, plump look.



Glycolic Acid Skin Benefits


1. Rejuvenates the skin


Glycolic acid can break down and eliminate substances found on the outermost skin layer. This ability helps clear up oil and dead skin cells, revealing a rejuvenated version of your skin. The Glycolic Bright Glowing Daily Cleanser Foam uncovers new skin after every wash. Its creamy foam deeply cleanses, making sure to free the skin from makeup, dirt, and impurities.


2. Helps fade dark spots


Since glycolic acid frees the skin from dead skin cells, it helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, UV damage, and other imperfections. Effective skincare for dark spots includes the Glycolic Bright Glowing Day Cream SPF 17. It protects the skin from harmful UV rays while correcting imperfections.


3. Acts as a great exfoliator


Adding glycolic acid to your skin regimen helps you achieve glowing skin. Glycolic acid is known for its exfoliating properties and becomes highly beneficial for those whose skin’s natural ability to slough off is fading, usually those in their thirties. For instance, the Glycolic Bright Glowing Night Cream can help improve your skin barrier, fight dullness, and reveal brighter skin. 


4. Decongests clogged pores



One of the leading causes of acne is a build-up of excess sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Glycolic acid helps dispel this gunk and prevents blockage in your pores. The consistent use of this ingredient assists in regularly renewing the skin. The result is luminous, blemish-free skin


5. Refines texture and surface 


Experiencing acne and other skin problems can lead to scars. Including a glycolic acid serum like the Glycolic Bright Instant Glowing Face Serum in your skincare routine would be helpful. Glycolic acid is effective in addressing hyperpigmentation through its exfoliating power. Beyond this, it can smoothen the skin’s texture and surface, which is ideal for those with post-acne scars and maturing skin.



Choosing the Right Acid for You


From pore perfecting to fighting signs of aging, there are almost endless benefits to using hyaluronic and glycolic acid on the skin. If you’re looking into trying these ingredients to plump up your skin regimen, check out L’Oréal’s Revitalift and Glycolic Bright lines. We offer several products that address skin concerns, such as dull skin, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

With a wide range of skincare and beauty products available online, Filipinas can achieve their skin goals with L’Oréal Paris.

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