Hydrator vs. moisturizer: Is there a difference?

Keeping your skin hydrated is a must if you want to maintain healthy-looking skin. Learn the difference between hydrators vs. moisturizers with this guide.

When it comes to building your skincare routine, a moisturizer is one of the essential items you can’t afford to skip. Both beauty gurus and skincare professionals emphasize the importance of this product because its primary purpose is to help your skin seal in moisture.

When you use a moisturizer regularly, you can see better results and get a healthier and more radiant glow. Depending on the available skincare products in the Philippines, some may even offer you extra benefits for other skin concerns.

You may have also heard that a good hydrator is an excellent addition to your routine, which is true. Moisturizers and hydrators both play an essential role in skin care. However, you should be aware that these two products are not the same.

Hydrators work by absorbing water from the atmosphere and keeping it in place on your skin. Meanwhile, your moisturizer just locks this moisture in to build a natural protective barrier.

Knowing the difference between the two can be confusing when they sound so similar. Luckily, this quick guide can help you become a master at differentiating hydrator vs. moisturizer. Not only that, but you’ll also learn which products are suitable for your custom skincare routine that will help you achieve better results.

What is a Moisturizer?

Moisturizers typically come as a cream or lotion that helps you combat dryness and promote healthier skin in the process.

The ingredients used for these products can vary depending on the brand, but most moisturizers today are made with heavy emulsions of oil and water as their base. These ingredients are essential because this is what helps keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Moisturizing is often the last—but certainly not the least important—step in your daily skincare routine. A reliable moisturizer can help you keep your skin clear of any blemishes, dirt, and other nasty buildups, thus leaving you with a smooth afterglow.

While the product itself is made to combat dry skin, anyone can use this regardless of skin type. General moisturizing products can benefit all skin types and are essential for finishing your daily self-care ritual. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can switch between creams and lotions to get naturally healthier skin over time.

What is a Hydrator?

Hydrators are generally confused with moisturizers because of the similar benefits they give. But the main difference between them is that a hydrator works by bringing moisture to the skin rather than locking it in. In most cases, using a hydrator in place of a regular moisturizer becomes a common alternative if you’re looking to get more hydrated skin.

These skincare essentials typically use ingredients such as humectants to collect moisture from the environment and bind them to your skin for it to absorb. Some popular examples of a good hydrator include hyaluronic acid cream that gives you loads of benefits. It mimics a natural substance in the body that keeps tissues well hydrated.

Hyaluronic acid acts like a big glass of water for your skin, where it leaves you looking healthier and more radiant with each use. They help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, resulting in smoother and younger-looking skin. When paired with other skincare essentials, such as facial washes and toners, you can also avoid breakouts that come from oil buildup and overly dry skin.

Most people of particular skin types can also use hydrators. Those with dry skin can lock in the necessary moisture that your skin needs to stay healthy, while oily skin types can keep their pores clear and clean.

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L’Oréal Paris uses a special patented micro-hyaluronic acid technology that is over 50 times smaller than usual to promote deeper penetration of skin actives. As a result, you can enjoy longer-lasting skin hydration that keeps you looking young and fresh all the time.

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Look Youthful with Hydrated Skin

Skin dryness and wrinkles are some of the most common signs of skin aging. This can be a tricky problem to deal with without a reliable moisturizer or hydrator. Also, like with any new skincare product you plan on introducing to your routine, make sure to do a skin test.

Shop for high-quality skincare products in the Philippines with L’Oréal Paris and give your skin the treatment it deserves.

*According to NielsenIQ RMS Anti-Ageing Face Care Serum, 12 months ending February 2021.

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