Life at 30: skincare essentials

You've reached a milestone and now want to deal with your skin. Blemishes from your youth are a distant memory, but you've spotted dreaded wrinkles. Time to bring out the cleansing, moisturising and anti-ageing heavy artillery!

Cleanse for glowing skin

 Clean skin = flawless skin.

Now's the time to religiously give your skin a refreshing morning wake up call, followed by a deep cleanse at the end of the day. To revive a sleepy, ruddy complexion, you'll need to get rid of any surface toxins that your skin's eliminated overnight: using a cotton pad, apply a cleansing lotion and finish off with a spritz of thermal water - easy as pie!

Deep cleansing is the evening golden rule. Cleansing water, mist, lotion, oil, mousse...

Whatever you choose it needs to be able to get rid of any daytime crud - make up, pollution, smoke, grime etc. Apply your cleanser and keep going until your skin's squeaky clean. Finish off by soothing your skin with a gentle toner.  

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Moisturise for glowing skin

Whatever our age, moisturising is the sure-fire way to keep our skin looking gorgeous. However, once we hit 30 our skin starts to dehydrate and early signs of ageing raise their ugly heads: uneven skin tone, crow's feet and frown lines. So, no negotiation - slather on the moisturiser! It really is the best way to keep wrinkles at bay. Moisturisers nowadays are packed with ultra-hydrating active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Make sure you moisturise morning and night, no matter the time of year.  
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Skincare treatments for supple, glowing skin

You should now think about investing in anti-ageing treatments to delay the signs of skin ageing. At 30 our wrinkles haven't formed furrows, so we've got time to stop them in their tracks. Apply fruit-based treatments for their antioxidant action and vitamin C content, as these will also help to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

However, they're not designed to replace a sunscreen - a beauty essential if you want to avoid the appearance of age spots! You should also give your skin a weekly scrub. As we age, cell renewal slows down. Exfoliating boosts the renewal process as it removes dead skin cells to leave us with a radiant complexion. You may also want to check out eye contour creams to hydrate this extremely fragile zone. Go for gentle treatments, with the occasional eye contour mask thrown in for good measure!

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