8 lipstick hacks every woman should know

Lipstick can make or break your overall look. Learn the essential lipstick hacks to elevate your makeup game and achieve your desired look.

There’s a myriad of beauty products in the Philippines that can enhance your overall look. One of the most integral parts of any makeup kit, though, is lipstick. It can instantly change your look from drab to fab. From bold colors to nudes or MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades for a natural effect, lipsticks are a quick way to complete your desired look.

However, as easy as it is to grab and apply it, there’s more to wearing lipstick than swiping. Lipsticks can leave a lasting impression and can make or break your overall look. You’d want to pull it off perfectly every time.

8 Tips to Nail the Perfect Lipstick Look

Luckily, this article is here to help you learn essential lipstick hacks—read on and elevate your makeup game!

1. Exfoliate for the perfect lipstick canvas

Exfoliating the lips is essential for a smooth lipstick application. Pick a gentle lip scrub and use it every other day, applying it with your fingers. You can even make your lip scrub at home—mix a little bit of sugar with a gooey substance such as lip balm, honey, or oil.

If you want to forego the lip scrub altogether, exfoliate gently with a soft toothbrush or clean spoolie to buff away flakes. Make sure to apply a balm beforehand for some extra “slip.” Once your lips are smooth, keep them hydrated.

2. Use tissue for a diffused lip tint look

The diffused, fuzzy, and semi-perfect lip tint look creates an effortless natural effect. To achieve it, ditch the lip liner for a piece of tissue! That’s right—apply your favorite tube of lipstick lightly and blot your lips with the tissue until you attain the desired level of diffusion. You can seal the look with a matte lip balm, so it stays for hours.

3. Mark your Cupid’s bow for the perfect definition

Begin your application on your Cupid’s bow to flawlessly define your pout. Using a lip liner, start with a diagonal line that extends down from the top-most point of one side of the upper lip. Do the same for the other point, forming an “X” on the center of the lip. 

Then, outline the edges of your lips and fill in the rest. Finally, apply matching lipstick on top. You’ll notice that the color will wear off evenly without leaving that noticeable lip liner around your mouth.

4. Layer up to make your lipstick last longer

For long-lasting lip coverage, layering is the way to go. One method you can try is reverse lip lining. First, trace the outside edge of the lips using a lip liner. This creates a barrier that prevents color bleeding. Then, fill up your lips with the same lip liner and apply lipstick afterward. The lip liner creates a second layer underneath the lipstick, giving a waxiness that the lipstick can grip on.

You can also layer with one lipstick. Follow this process: apply lipstick, blot with a tissue, dust translucent powder, then apply lipstick again. When dusting, hold a piece of tissue to your lips and brush the translucent powder over it. A small amount of powder will transfer through the tissue and lock in color, making it last longer.

5. Use specific application techniques for fuller lips

For a plump lip effect, start by applying one shade of lipstick on your entire mouth. Next, pick out a lighter shade (make sure it’s in the same color family!) and apply it to the center of your lips. Use your fingers to gently spread the lipstick from the center outwards, creating a diffused look. This catches the light and creates the illusion of bigger lips. You can use a concealer on the edges of your lips for more impact.

You can experiment with this look by using the L’Oreal Paris Chiffon Signature. Since it has a buildable formula and a lightweight finish, you can experiment in creating that full lip finish. Remember that dark colors can make the lips look smaller, so if you’re going for a fuller look, opt for lighter shades like nudes or pale pinks.

6. Know your nude shades

If you love nude lipstick, this one’s for you! When picking nude shades, opt for one that’s a shade darker than your skin tone. Go for a nude with a hint of pink if you’re fair-skinned. A nude with orange undertones is ideal for medium skin. For darker skin, go with chocolate browns, rosy browns with a hint of shimmer, or caramel browns that counteract redness if you have a lot of it on your lips for a better nude effect.

7. Stay true to your chosen color with foundation

If you find that your favorite shade looks different on your lips, then your lips might have a lot of color. Applying foundation before lipstick can neutralize that color and provide a better color payoff. It also ensures that the color doesn’t transfer and lasts long.

Using a lip brush, apply small dots of foundation on the lower lip for better precision and to prevent you from going overboard. Do the same for the upper lip. Carefully and gently blend the foundation with your finger while lightly patting it in. Follow up with the classic (yet essential) lip lining around the lips. Finally, apply your lipstick.

8. Keep it off the teeth

If you’re a regular lipstick-wearer, you’ve most likely experienced having lipstick stains on your teeth at some point in your life. A great and simple hack to prevent this rather embarrassing situation is to put a clean finger in your mouth and gently close your lips down on it, forming a small “O.” Then, slowly pull out the finger—this removes any excess lipstick from the inside edges of your lips that would have gotten on your teeth.

With Proper Care, Experience the Power of Lipsticks

Whatever your chosen lipstick is, it should make you feel more confident. If you know what you’re doing when it comes to applying lipstick, then that’s not only a sign of having good control over your makeup but also being in control of your day! You can achieve this by remembering these lipstick hacks.

Most importantly, practice good lip maintenance and aftercare. Beyond exfoliation, make sure to moisturize, hydrate, and choose the best products. Only then can you truly take advantage of the power of lipsticks—lifting your spirits with much-needed confidence.

Complete your entire look with more products that enhance your beauty. Visit the L’Oréal Paris website and explore the various lipstick shades to suit any look at any day. Wanna know how they look on you? Head over to our Virtual Try-On before hitting checkout. Have fun!

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