Look: this virtual hair color app lets you try on different hair dyes

Early on in the pandemic, people were forced to stay inside their homes to curb the growing number of cases. In those months, people did a myriad of activities to pass the time—including coloring hair. Eventually, it became a trend to color your hair at home with box dyes. The style and color of your hair can affect your overall look and confidence, so it’s understandably nerve-wracking when you decide to switch things up. It’s also a huge decision because of the different factors at stake: color payoff, upkeep, styling, and more. Changing your hair color is a big step and needs a certain level of commitment. But with the pandemic still ongoing, visiting hair salons and getting hair treatments done have become tricky. With so many uncertainties, doing it yourself (or having a trusted family member do it for you) is a great alternative! Introducing the L’Oreal Paris Hair Color Virtual Try-On Luckily for you, L’Oreal Paris has an online hair color app that lets you try different hair colors without the scary commitment. With the Virtual Try-On tool, you can experiment and see which shades go best with your overall look and style! Sounds fun, right?


So, how does it work?

When you visit the website, you can either upload your photo or do a Live Try On. You can choose from different permanent hair color options for either white hair coverage or trendy hair color without bleach. From there, you will be directed to L’Oreal Paris products that are available for you to “try on.” But how do you know if the shade is the right one for you?

Choose from specific colors, then narrow down your choices

Choose which style you want to focus on. Is it your goal to dye your hair lighter or darker? Or do you want to enhance your natural hair color? If you’re ready for a big change from your natural hair color, we recommend going for a high lifting DIY color that doesn’t damage your hair. The L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion line offers 3X tone lift, made especially for dark hair! With so many shades to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right one just for you. See if you can rock the look and style it the way you want using this editor! If you have greying hair, you can choose to apply the same shade as your natural hair. The L'Oreal Paris Excellence Creme line is perfect for this, offering 100% white hair coverage! You can even go up to two shades lighter than your actual hair color!

Know your skin’s undertones

Being morena, mestiza, or anything in between can affect how good your hair color will look on you. The skin can either have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. As a rule of thumb, rosy skin and the appearance of bluish veins mean you have cool undertones, while yellowish skin or green veins mean you have a warm undertone. If you can pull off both gold and silver jewelry and see a mix of blue and green veins on your skin, you most likely have a neutral undertone. Why is this important? If you choose shades that clash with your skin’s undertone, you risk looking washed out. Your skin may appear dull, or the shade could accentuate some problem areas and discoloration instead of bringing out its youthful glow. If you have a neutral undertone, you have more options to play with.

Match yourself with a celebrity with the same skin tone

Some hairstylists recommend finding a celebrity with the same skin tone as yours to understand what hair colors you can pull off. Thankfully, there’s a lot of information online that can tell you which celeb has what kind of undertone, so you’ll immediately know if they are warm, cool, or neutral. Many personalities go through tons of style evolutions, so chances are, you’ll have a peg of the look you want to go for.

Try-On All the Colors

When looking for the right hair color or shade, find one that goes the best with your personality and style. With the L’Oreal Paris Virtual Try-On hair color editor, you can experiment with your next look without a worry! Visit the site and browse our selection of hair color products to get started.