Choose among these 5 hair colors to update your look in 2021

Are you starting to feel bored with your hair? This might be a sign that you’re due for a makeover! Besides trying out a new hairstyle, one great way you can switch things up is to color your hair. Changing the shade of your tresses can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before, but it may also be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It won’t just give you a different look—it could even boost your confidence. Unfortunately, dyeing your hair can be tricky since there are just so many color options out there. If you still haven’t decided which color to settle on, the best way to solve your dilemma is to look at some inspo. Five Hair Colors Perfect for 2021 Whether you need permanent hair color for gray hair coverage or are looking to experiment on hair color without using bleach, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our top picks from L’Oreal Excellence Fashion and L’Oreal Excellence Crème.

Go for a subtle shift with dark brown

If your hair is naturally black, going for dark brown is a no-brainer. Since this isn’t too far from your hair’s original shade, this will make your hair color transformation a lot easier to achieve. You may think that it’s not such a massive change, but the right shade of brown can brighten your face and accentuate your skin tone. Our Pick: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème 3 – Dark Brown Since this is part of our Excellence Crème line, you’ll be happy to know it’s great for gray hair coverage, too. This shade is best for those who want a subtle shade change that’s just enough to spice things up.

Shine like the sun with golden brown hair

If you’re looking for something summer-inspired, this shade should be one of your top picks. It’s an instant pick-me-up, and if you want to stand out, you can highlight your hair with golden brown strands. Our Pick: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème 6.3 – Golden Dark Brown This color is significantly brighter than the previous shade, so it’s perfect for those who want a noticeable change while keeping things effortless and still toned down.

Go for something bolder with matt ash tones

If you want something with a lot of depth and dimension, you have to check out the Matt Ash shade. Something like this perfect for a daring mestiza, whose features can be softened by this specific color palette. Our Pick: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion 7.17 – Matt Ash Thinking it might be too difficult to achieve for those with naturally dark hair? L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion hair dyes don’t require bleach and offer 3x tone lift—and it’s perfectly doable for you to use at home!

Brighten up your look with light brown

For morenas, we have a lighter hair color option for you too. Light brown is a classic color almost anyone can pull off, so you’re sure to feel satisfied after your DIY makeover. Subtle changes are enough to make an impact on your overall appeal. Our Pick: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion 7.1 – Beige Light Brown Could you imagine how it would look like when the sun hits your hair? All Excellence Fashion formulas are high shine, giving the appearance (and feel!) of healthy, smooth hair.

You can never go wrong with ultra-light brown

Looking to stand out from the rest? Ultra-light brown is the perfect match for you! This shade is ideal for those who are looking to achieve a fresh look. It’s more vibrant than commonly used dyes and looks fabulous no matter your skin tone. Our Pick: L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights 3 – Ash Brown You can achieve a lighter shade like this through Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights that offers up to 4x lighter hair - and don't worry, it works perfectly for dark hair too!

Try it On

You’re probably wondering how these colors would look on your hair. Well, fear not because our Try On Editor is here to help! Just grab your laptop or mobile, and either upload your photo or have a live try-on with the different L’Oreal hair color shades. Now you can be sure how well our shades will look on you. Besides saving you time and money, using the Try On Editor can help you avoid a great deal of stress.

Check out the Virtual Try On Editor and find the hair color shade that fits your style!


Your Makeover Made Easy

As with all makeovers, choosing among the various options is one of the hardest parts. The best way to get over this hump is to find some inspiration. If you plan to apply permanent hair color at home, you need to make the necessary preparations. To ensure that your makeover doesn’t end up in a disaster, go for the best box dyes and hair color products in the market. For everything you need and more, visit L’Oreal Paris's official website today!