8 foolproof steps to successfully color your hair at home

The pandemic has ruined tons of outdoor plans—including your regular trips to the salon. You might be itching to head out to the beauty parlor for your much-needed touch-ups or color change, but you might also be having second thoughts doing so. So what’s the solution to giving yourself a fresh look or tending to your outgrown hair color? You can bring the salon to your home with L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme for 100% white hair coverage, and L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion for trendy shades that offer 3X tone lift. 8 Foolproof Steps to Successfully Color Your Hair at Home If you want to try coloring your hair on your own, it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of what to do. Dyeing your hair can be a tricky process, and knowing how to execute properly will ensure that your makeover doesn’t become a disaster. This handy guide will discuss everything you need to know to get started.

Choose a flattering shade

The first thing on your to-do list is to choose a shade that you like. If you’re unsure, a rule of thumb would be to stay within two shades of your natural hair color. The change won’t be as drastic and overwhelming, so you can smoothly transition to your new hair color. If you need more help deciding, our Virtual Try-on App will let you see how our shades would look like on you!

Make sure you have all the necessary tools with you

Aside from your box dye, you need to have all essential equipment within arm’s reach. This includes towels, hair clips, combs, and petroleum jelly. After placing them inside your bathroom, wear an old shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting stained.

Do a patch and strand test

Before you apply large amounts of dye onto your hair, it’s best to see how your skin and hair will react to it. Dyes could have ingredients you’re potentially allergic to, so it’s important to start with a trial. A patch test can save you a great deal of discomfort, and strand testing will give you a glimpse of how a shade will look like. We recommend that you wait 48 hours before you fully dye your hair to see if there is any skin irritation.

Protect your hands and clothes

Hair dye can be very hard to remove on your skin and clothes, so wear protective equipment. Covering yourself with a salon cape will be ideal, but you can also use some old towels instead. Wearing plastic gloves will also save you the trouble of getting your hands stained. If you’re afraid of getting color stains on your skin, like your forehead or around your ears, petroleum jelly is your savior! Just apply around areas that are prone to staining right before you get started on coloring your hair. This will allow the color to wash right off those areas.

Apply color starting from the roots and massage deeply

Always start from the roots when coloring, especially if you’re doing a touch-up. The roots are the most stubborn part of your hair, so your product will need more time to settle in. Take time to really massage the product on your roots so that the color can latch on better. After you’ve massaged your head, you can start combing your hair.
The waiting game begins! Now that you’re done applying the dye, leaving it for around twenty (20) minutes will ensure that the color is evenly deposited and intact on your strands. Make sure not to leave hair color for a longer time than recommended. Longer waiting time doesn’t mean a higher lift!  Since you’ll have some free time on your hands, watching an episode of your favorite series should keep you busy in the meantime.

Apply to the mids and ends!

Proceed to thoroughly saturate your mids and ends, fully coating each strand with color evenly. Leave on for the recommended time of ten (10) minutes)

Cleanse with shampoo

Once 20 minutes have passed, start rinsing out the dye with warm water. After rinsing your hair thoroughly, using sulfate-free color-safe shampoo will ensure that your dye doesn’t fade off immediately and that your hair is fully nourished.  For long-term color care, we recommend the Ever hair care that's 100% sulfate-free.

It’s Time for Some Color

Applying permanent hair color at home can be fun, but it needs to be done with the utmost care. While it’s normal to feel excited about a new look, rushing into things could spell out a disaster. Now that you have a better idea of the hair coloring process, giving yourself a makeover should be a lot easier. Once you’ve decided on a look, the next thing to do is purchase the best products on the market. Visit our page for box dye, hair color products, and more!

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