6 best tips for getting the most out of your matte makeup

Get that flawless beauty look when you go matte. Here are some handy tips on how to achieve that long-lasting, poreless makeup.

Makeup trends come and go. But if there’s one trend that’s here to stay, it’s matte makeup.

Whether you have oily skin and want to keep the shine away or just want to have that poreless skin finish, matte makeup always makes you look chic and put together. There’s just something pristine about a soft and natural-looking matte blush and having that oil-free, opaque look.

For some, matte makeup can be a little tricky, especially for those with dry skin. But with the proper techniques and layering of products, you can make your favorite matte cosmetic products work for you. Here are some practical tips on how to wear matte makeup like a pro.

1. Start with a good base

Prepping your skin is essential to set a flawless canvas when wearing any makeup—a good skincare routine pre-application is just as important as the layering of the makeup itself.

Set a good base by using a fast-absorbing hydrating skincare product to target the dry patches on the skin and apply eye cream to even out the skin tone around the eyes. Then, finish with a mattifying primer to fill any lines and minimize creases. These steps not only take care of your skin but also help makeup glide on easier and stay on longer.

2. Use the right amount of concealer

When using concealer to cover up any blemishes, pigmentation, and imperfections on your skin, apply the product in dots. It’s always better to start small and build up if more coverage is needed. Next, blend the concealer with a concealer brush. If you prefer using your fingers, make sure to blend using gentle, patting motions for a smooth finish. For concealer, we recommend using L’Oreal Paris Infallible Full Wear Concealer, meant to apply smoothly and blend easily, while covering all blemishes.

3. Set it with powder

You can apply the powder on areas that usually get shiny, such as the T-zone, forehead, and chin, or do a light dusting all over the face. When you bake, make sure to apply only a thin layer of powder and dust it off using a brush after at least five minutes. If you have oily skin, it’s better to use a sponge when applying powder on concentrated shine-prone areas. For this stage, we recommend applying L’Oreal Paris Pro-Matte Powder for the ulti-matte finish.

4. Make your matte blush work with good placement

Next up is blush. Placement is critical when working with matte blushes. Layer your blush product onto the apple of your cheeks using a brush. It’s pretty hard to adjust the color if you pack on a lot of powder-based blush on your first layer, so make sure to dust it lightly first and build up until you reach the soft flush you want.

5. Grab your go-to highlighter to add dimension

Since you’re using matte products, it’s safe to stick to a powder-based highlighter instead of liquids. But the thing with highlighting powder is that it’s easy to get a blinding shimmer when you pack too much product on the brush.

If you want to go for a luminous glow that’s just right for a matte complexion, go for a soft and subtle highlight. Lightly apply the product on the high points of the face for a more controlled glow.

6. Prep your lips before applying a matte lip product

Just like how you prep your skin to get a flawless base, it’s also essential to prep your lips before applying a matte lippie. That’s because if your lips are chapped or dry, it will show, and it won’t feel comfortable.

Before painting your lips, exfoliate first using a toothbrush or a lip scrub. After rinsing, apply a coat of lip balm to keep it hydrated and smooth. Finally, wipe the balm off before applying your matte lipstick. Do this, and you’ll realize that it’s more comfortable to wear matte lipstick without any skin poking your lips whenever you press them together.

The L’Oréal Paris Chiffon Signature

Achieve that comfortable soft matte look with the L’Oréal Paris Chiffon Signature Lip Tint. The liquid lipstick has an airy velvet finish that’s highly pigmented and moisturizing yet feels weightless on the lips.

The best thing about the L’Oréal Paris Chiffon Signature line is the duality. With their light and comfortable formula, you can use them on the lip and cheeks with little effort—the perfect companion for quick yet eye-catching monochromatic looks. Plus, there’s a wide range of fun shades to choose from that suits all types of skin tone, so you can get that soft blur, cloudlight finish look for your lips using the perfect shade for any occasion.

Master that Flawless Matte Makeup Look

Matte makeup seems intimidating at first. But once you nail down the right prep for a smooth base, you’ll find matte makeup isn’t something to be scared of after all. Along with good techniques, you can get that poreless glow that feels comfortable.

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