Post-hair coloring guide: How to take care of colored hair

Here’s how you can take care of your hair better after you’ve dyed it to the color of your choice.

You’ve probably dyed your hair recently—and we’re so sure your new color looks good on you. Wear that color with pride by making sure to take good care of it.

Remember that post-coloring maintenance is important to ensure your newly-colored hair stays looking nice and fresh for as long as possible. Here, we’ll give a rundown on how to keep those tresses pristine as if you just came back from the salon.

Post-Hair Coloring Tips

Ideally, the first step to ensuring your hair stays in top condition after coloring is choosing the best products from the get-go. For example, you can’t go wrong with the L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion or Excellence Crème lines that allow you to achieve gorgeous hair color without bleach.

Both boast of having a Triple Care Formula—containing ceramides that smoothen and protect hair, amino acids that rebuild and strengthen, and collagen that boosts hair repair.

Also, remember that your color of choice affects dye longevity. Red, for example, is most prone to quick color loss. Pink turns uneven over time. Meanwhile, greens and blues don’t fade as fast. So, keep those in mind the next time you’re choosing a color.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

1. Wash your hair less often

After you dye your hair, wait two days before shampooing. If you can double that to four days, the result will be even better. That’s because the dye will have enough time to set. Wash your hair less often if you can. Hair products combined with water will fade your hair dye quickly. To keep your hair dry while showering, use a shower cap.

2. When you shower, use a sulfate-free shampoo

Stay away from chemicals that are notorious for fading hair color. One of your worst enemies is sulfate. Unfortunately, most consumer-grade shampoo brands have sulfate as their main ingredient.

Your best bet is to invest in sulfate-free hair care products, like Ever Pure Shampoo and Conditioner. It will allow you to cleanse your hair and remove grime and excess oil without stripping away the color from your hair. At all costs, stay away from clarifying shampoos. They have high levels of surfactants for deep cleansing.

3. Dry your hair immediately after showering

Do not swim in a chlorinated pool so soon after having your hair dyed. The chemical in the water will fade the color. If ever you do end up swimming, make sure not to stay too long in the pool, and wash and dry your hair immediately.

You might need to forgo long showers too. Wetting your hair for extended periods will fade your hair color. The same goes for damp air or high humidity. Your goal is to keep your hair dry as often as possible.

4. Deep condition your hair

Hair masks and treatments should factor into your hair care routine, especially if you habitually color your hair. It will protect your tresses from damage and keep your hair dye looking shiny.

5. Use less heat

The first days or weeks post-coloring, avoid heat as much as you can, whether it’s from direct sunlight, tools, or hot water. Those will make your hair dye fade faster and may even contribute to hair damage.

6. Use color conditioners or purple shampoo for high maintenance colors

There are shampoos and conditioners exclusively made for colored hair. Use those instead of the usual products you buy. Stay away as soon as you see alcohol and sulfate on the label. They are notorious for drying and fading colored hair.

If you had your hair lightened several shades, consider using purple shampoo. The L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Brass Toning Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner are a great combo. They work to eliminate brass and preserve the color of your hair, so you can prolong that “just got colored” feeling longer. Plus, it’s also sulfate-free! That’s most practical if your colored hair needs a touch-up and you can’t schedule a salon appointment just yet.

Rock That Hair Color

Have fun with your new hair color! With the post-coloring maintenance tips mentioned here, you’ll be sure to maximize the longevity of your new look.

Once you’re ready to transition to your next color of choice, don’t forget to check out quality hair dyes from L’Oreal Paris. The brand’s Excellence Fashion and Excellence Creme lines will get you hair-flippin’ like it’s nobody’s business.

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