Six ways to make pores appear smaller

Sun, pollution, lack of sleep and inadequate cleansing are all responsible for the appearance of large, blocked pores. Here are six ways to make them look smaller and get an even, flawless complexion :

We have 20,000 pores on our face, which are actually the openings of hair follicles. Each one contains a sebaceous gland, which produces your skin's natural oils. However, with inadequate cleansing, pollution and stress, they can quickly clog and become prone to acne and blackheads. Follow these tips to keep them clean and clear !

Splash your face with cold water

Do this first thing in the morning. Hot water makes the outer layers of the skin swell, which can make your pores look larger and more 'open'. Try a few splashes of cold water after you have cleansed. You can even run an ice cube over particularly troublesome zones.

Use a few drops of essential oils

Peppermint, geranium, patchouli, rosemary and thyme all possess purifying properties. Mix a drop or two with a moisturiser and dab it onto the area to be treated. They can help purge any excess dirt and sebum from pores.

Try a facial steam

Steam your face once a week over a bowl of hot water to which you should add a few drops of tea tree oil. Put a towel over your head and enjoy a pore cleansing facial sauna. The heat will help your pores release impurities and any excess sebum, while the tea tree will deeply purify the skin.

Add an astringent toner to your routine

Remove your make-up with gentle micellar water. Follow by applying an astringent toner with a cotton pad. Nettle and witch hazel are naturally astringent ingredients rich in zinc that will instantly cleanse the skin and tighten pores.

Use a nasal pore strip

Apply a pore strip to damp skin and leave on for ten minutes. This is an effective, quick solution that will draw out any blackheads and minimise the appearance of large pores.

Try a glycolic peel

If you have stubborn, persistently dilated pores, you can visit a dermatologist for a glycolic peel. As a peeling agent, glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and improves the distribution of melanin. It leaves skin smooth and rehydrated for a glowing, flawless complexion.