Telltale signs that your skin's dehydrated

Our epidermis needs to be gorged with water if we want to keep our flawless glow for as long as possible. So we need to recognise the signs of dehydrated skin in order to get back our dewy complexion.

Dehydrated vs dry skin

Simply put, dehydrated skin lacks water, whilst dry skin lacks lipids. Our skin's hydrolipidic film can no longer produce enough sebum to protect us from the elements, meaning it dries out at a rate of knots. It feels rough or flaky and lines crop up... Hence the term 'leathery skin'! It can sometimes be hard to figure out if our skin's dehydrated or dry, but it's essential to know the difference if we're to give it the loving care it craves.
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Dehydrated skin: the tried and tested solution

It's as easy as pie and you'll welcome back a soft, comfy, supple complexion in a matter of weeks! Step n°1: moisturise every morning Go for a serum or face cream that's packed with glycerin and/or hyaluronic acid - two powerful, hydrating active ingredients. Glycerin is naturally present in our bodies, so can be safely applied to all skin types. Plus it's immediately soaked up by the epidermis. And will deeply rehydrate parched skin. Hyaluronic acid's also naturally present in our skin. It has the incredible ability to harness 1,000 times its weight in water, making it perfect for both dry and dehydrated skin! Hyaluronic acid and glycerin-rich treatments immediately soothe skin, restore elasticity, improve firmness and leave us with a lovely peachy glow. Step n°2: a gentle, evening cleanse Avoid harsh products like the plague - these will only damage the top layer of your epidermis. Opt for a cleansing oil or lotion that will remove all traces of make up and any grime that's built up during the day. Micellar water is ideal for sensitive skin. Don't rub your skin to death - gently cleanse using small, circular movements and finish off with a spritz of thermal water. Step n°3: pump your skin full of lipids before bed The miracle worker? Face oil! It'll provide a nurturing, protective shield, so that your skin can regenerate whilst you're in the Land of Nod. Face oils have turbo-charged formulae, bursting with essential fatty acids and lipids that help reconstruct skin's hydrolipidic film - the protective layer that gets thrown off kilter with age. The result? You'll wake up to gorgeous, glowing baby-soft skin!
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