What causes fine lines ?

Fine lines often begin to appear around our eyes as we get older. But don't panic, they are not Ôreal' wrinkles - more often than not, they're simply lines caused by a lack of hydration. And they're pretty easy to get rid of once you know the causes.
Our eyes reflect our emotions : happiness, surprise, fatigue, sadness, stress... All of which can leave their markaround our eyes. The skin here is more delicate and more easily damaged. Fine dry lines that are not linked to ageing appear very early, even before the ageing process of the skin has begun.

The area around the eye is delicate

The skin around the eye is very delicate as the epidermis there is four times thinner than on the rest of your face. This area does not have many support fibres (collagen and elastin) nor sebaceous glands. The lack of sebum makes the hydrolipidic film ; the skin's protective barrier ; far more vulnerable to external aggression. However, this area has 22 small muscles, of which 14 contract around 15,000 times a day. The motion of blinking keeps the cornea hydrated. The daily use of these muscles damages the few support fibres and the eye area becomes dehydrated.

Fine lines, where do they come from ?

The skin on our face is made up of 70 per cent water. 25 per cent of this water is present in the epidermis, on the surface of the skin. Good circulation gives good hydration over the whole face and enhances nutrient exchange between cells. Water also keeps the skin supple and gives it its ‘fleshy' look. Disruption of the balance of this skin barrier causes water to evaporate. The causes of this imbalance are varied: pollution, air-conditioning, sun, tobacco, hormones, stress, fatigue... Loss of water can also be caused by using unsuitable cosmetics. A make-up remover which is too harsh or abrasive will dry up the area around the eye. Remember: day cream should only be applied up to the top of the cheekbones. Instead, apply a specially formulated product to the area around the eye. Because of a lack of moisture, the skin around the eye creases up, so it looks as if there are lots of little wrinkles; these are the famous fine lines.