Dry skin: a softening, thirst-quenching beauty routine

Around 20% of women complain about having dry skin. Does yours skin feel tight and itchy, particularly after cleansing or when you step out of the shower? Is it hypersensitive and hates fluctuations in temperature? Does it feel rough and dry or suffer from blotchy patches?
The answer to your problems is simple - your skin's dying of thirst! Your complexion is getting duller by the day and your skin lacks suppleness. Your legs and arms are asleatheryas your favourite shoes. In other words, your skin feels uncomfortable. The solution for soft skin? Moisturise and nourish!  It's craving a beauty routine that meets its needs. 

Soften it up by pampering it with nourishing, moisturising treatments that contain vegetable oils or body butters. And calm irritated skin and red patches withsoothing active ingredients such as aloe vera. Make sure you deeply nourish your skin to leave it feeling comfy and hydrated.  Even though dry skin tends to be sensitive, it still loves a good face scrub or mask. Scrubs will get rid of dead cells that suffocate skin, whilst masks will bathe it in moisturising goodness. Leaving you with supple, dewy, baby soft skin.