Help, I've spotted a wrinkle!

They've snuck up on you and have no intention of leaving the comfort of your face. Unfortunately for them, you have others plans in mind! So, are you ready to show them the door?


Why have I got wrinkles in the first place?

Unfortunately, ageing skin is part and parcel of life. But it's not just a matter of age: genetics, pollution, environmental factors, lifestyle and our skincare routine all play a role in the wrinkle war. What's more, our first wrinkles may be due to poor moisture levels in the epidermis. A lack of moisture leads to fines lines caused by dehydration.Our first lines show up during our mid to late-twenties, usually around our eye contour (the most fragile part of our face), where crow's feet later appear. They're a precursor to wrinkles and tend to measure between 0.2 - 1mm.  

How can I treat my first wrinkles?

Advances in the cosmetic world mean we can stop the ball rolling and launch a preemptive strike against these linear rebels, in order to preserve our youthful look.In the morning, apply a treatment that contains anti-ageing ingredients and is packed with anitoxidants - these will limit the damage done by free radicals.
As soon as your first wrinkles appear, opt for treatments containing:
- Pro-Xylane, which helps tone and plump up skin,
- Hyaluronic acid, a proven anti-ageing superhero, - LR 2412, a multi-functional molecule that combats ageing, delays the appearance of wrinkles and promotes healthy skin,
- Last, but not least, LHA to smooth and stimulate the skin's surface.The nighttime golden rule is to moisturise.
Our skin needs to be pumped full of water for it to remain glowing and youthful. A hydrating cream will fill lines and combat your first wrinkles, whilst preventing others from settling in.  

What about eye contour treatments?

To boost its effect and zap any fine lines, apply your eye contour treatment with a metal applicator, as this will cool and tone up this zone. For even better results, store your eye contour treatment in the fridge! Its an effective way to decongest the eye contour area and will leave you looking young, fresh-faced, wide-eyed and ready to go. Opt for formulae that have draining and decongesting properties - caffeine and plumping/moisturising active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid are good bets. Micrometric hyaluronic acid is ideal, as its tiny molecules can better penetrate the epidermis. Apply your eye contour treatment by gently dabbing it in and carefully smoothing it around your eyes.