How to get long, luscious lashes!

Smouldering eyes need smouldering lashes. They frame our eyes and there's nothing sexier than a flutter to snare our heart's desire! Here are some beauty tips on pampering your lashes for Kardashian-esque appeal, without an extension in sight.
Long, thick lashes = seductive eyes! The problem is our lashes are extremely fragile. Why? Because their roots are only 2mm below our skin, meaning they easily fall out! They usually measure between 6 and 12mm, but thin and shorten with age. So we need to pamper them to the max to keep them in good shape for longer.

Gentle cleansing

Never hit the sack without removing your make up. Mascara clogs lashes, meaning they can't breathe, begin to dry and eventually fall out. Go for an ultra-gentle formula that will soothe your lashes. Nourishing cleansing oils and creamy cleansing creams work a treat. Don't rub off your eye make up - if you do, you'll damage your eyelid skin, break your lashes or inadvertently pull them out. The best cleansing technique? Soak a cotton pad with your eye make up remover, place it on your eye and leave for a few seconds. Gently wipe off your make up working from top to bottom.


Nourish your lashes

Apply nourishing treatments that will strengthen your lashes and prevent them from falling out. The star ingredients? Oils such as coconut or jojoba. Your winning bet? Castor oil! Packed with essential fatty acids, omega 6 and 9, castor oil nourishes and boosts eyelash growth. Over the course of 2 months, apply a small amount of castor oil with a cotton bud. Don't go overboard or your eye contour will just look greasy! After a few days, you'll notice that your lashes are shinier and softer. They'll be stronger, thicker and will quickly grow back.


Boost eyelash growth

You can easily pick up eyelash accelerator creams and serums that promise to leave you with mascara ad lashes in only a few weeks. You could also invest in a cheap n' cheerful classic favourite - Vaseline, made from proven lash-boosting petroleum jelly. Finally, diet also plays a part in lash health. Eat a balanced diet and gorge on foods bursting with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Avoid ready meals, sugary and greasy foods like the plague.


Quality's best

Choose the wrong product and your eye make up will destroy your lashes. Stick to top quality brands! If you love your waterproof mascara, bear in mind that it can be a pain to remove, so opt for an oily cleanser. The golden rule is to apply light-weight mascaras that don't contain too much silicon - it makes lashes look thicker, but suffocates them in the process. Why not go down the eco-friendly route and invest in some organic eye make up?