Micellar water, the baby soft Queen of Cleansers

Quick and easy, micellar water cleanses skin with loving care. Here's a closer look at this beauty must-have.

Micellar water to cleanse skin

When it comes to make up removers and facial cleansers, micellar water is the most gentle of them all. It's as fresh and light as water, with the turbo-charged power of a cleansing lotion. Micellar water does more than remove make-up - it also pampers our skin. It's hypoallergenic, meaning it works wonders on sensitive skin or complexions that tend to get blotchy.  

The magnetic power of micelles

So what's micellar water's secret? Its simple formula: an aqueous solution + micelles. Micelles work like magnets. They're ball-shaped surfactants that attract and dissolve grime, make up and sebum. Meaning there's no need to rub it in. Micelle magic in a bottle! To apply micellar water, simply douse a cotton pad and place it on your skin for a few seconds, so its active ingredients can soak up and dissolve any impurities. 

Micellar water for nomakeup fans

Micellar water doesn't need rinsing, so works a treat for those of us who have really delicate skin or prefer to go easy on the make up. If you love your waterproof mascara and black eyeliners, then you're probably better off starting with a dual-phase cleanser or cleansing oil. Follow by applying micellar water to remove any residues.