8 gorgeous types of hair highlights you can try at home

Hair highlights are subtle, classic, and timeless, giving your hair dimension and texture. Never go out of style with these eight gorgeous highlight trends.

Genuinely love your hair but still looking for ways to make it accentuate your complexion? Afraid of completely changing it but want some little dimension and depth? Hair highlights are one of those hair color ideas that never go out of style. They can occur naturally in many colors and enhance any look without as much commitment as full-on hair dye jobs.

The best part about highlights is their versatility. They effortlessly blend well with brunette, brown or black hair! Unfortunately, they can also be a source of indecision for many. After all, how are you supposed to pick the best one with so many options?

Do you want a face-framing effect? Balayage or colormelt? What colors or tones should you consider? In this article, we list the latest hair highlights ideas for you. That way, you can figure out how they can work for you.

8 Gorgeous Types of Hair Highlights You Can Try at Home

1. Ash Brown Balayage

If you've always wanted to color your strands but have been apprehensive about going all-in, balayage is something you can consider. This style will subtly blend your hair color into a lighter shade. Perfect for brunettes, the ash brown balayage hairstyle creates a soft, settling, and natural look. The Excellence Ash Supreme Brunette Ash will help you achieve this without much maintenance as other colors.

2. Golden Bronde Colormelt

Can't decide between blonde or brunette? Why choose when you can have both? With a golden bronde colormelt, the blonde and brunette hues will complement each other. Having blonde hair highlights will give you that sun-kissed look, while the brunette will add warm shades to your hair. Achieve this look with the Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights Golden Brown!

3. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Source: Pexels

If you want to enhance the texture or wave of your hair, brown hair with blonde highlights is your best bet. The perfect mix of brown and blonde is fantastic, with the blonde strands enhancing your brown hair. If you want to try this look, you can't go wrong with the Excellence Fashion Ultra Lights Natural Brown, as it's great for any complexion.

4. Black Hair with Gray Highlights


Want to make a modern, glamorous, trendy, and chic impression? Black hair with gray highlights can brighten your look and add variety to your strands. However, with gray highlights being hard to maintain, remember to highlight from the roots. With the Excellence Ash Supreme in Smoky Ash, you can achieve up to 3 times the tone lift for darker hair to help you stay on-trend.

5. Thin Beige Highlights for Brown Hair

Source: Pexels

Classic, timeless, low maintenance, and minimal—with thin beige highlights for brown hair, you can make hair highlights look as subtle as possible! Thin fine strands of beige blend seamlessly into the hair. You only have to go a couple of shades lighter, and that is more than enough to give your hair a glorious shine. Get this subtle, gorgeous color with the Excellence Ash Supreme Beige Ash.

6. Black Hair with Brown Highlights

Tired of having flat and lifeless hair? To have volume and dimension, brown hair highlights on your black strands will give you that effortless, just-woke-up-but-so-flawless vibe!

7. Golden Highlights for Black Hair

Source: Pexels

Magnificent, bold, beautiful—golden hair highlights give this effect and brighten your hair, too! Black and gold make a perfect match, giving you a glamorous look. Get the carefree, YOLO look by using a shade of gold for highlights from your ear to the ends of your hair. But, if you want to achieve a fancy, celebrity look, start highlighting near the roots.

8. Light Highlights for Brunette Hair

Source: Pexels

Still want that dark color with your brunette hair? You can highlight a tiny bit or two shades lighter to give you that dreamy and wispy effect. Experts recommend focusing your highlights mid-length to the ends of your hair.

Elevate Your Style

With your hair serving as your crowning glory, it can be one of your best assets. Because it makes you feel fresh, look cute, chic, and sassy, you can be a bit apprehensive about changing your hair color or style completely. However, you don't need to make any significant and drastic changes. If you want subtle and natural dimensions, try getting hair highlights at home.

Applying these hair highlights at home is convenient, hassle-free, and less expensive than going to a salon. Just remember, when highlighting your hair on your own, there is no need to be super exact about every strand. There are no complicated techniques or patterns. Before getting hair highlights, learn how to color your hair at home.

Can't wait to apply those hair highlights? L'Oréal Paris offers Filipinas a wide range of hair care and permanent hair color products. Add to cart these items for a bit of spice to your look! Don't forget to bookmark this page or share it with your fellow hair color enthusiasts, too!

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