Say Goodbye to Cakey Makeup: 4 Steps on How to Avoid It

Cakey makeup can ruin your whole look. Good thing you can prevent it with these simple steps! Check out our blog to learn more.

It's date night. You've done your hair and makeup, picked out an outfit, and went to take one last look in the mirror. But then, you saw that your worst nightmare had happened. Your makeup looks thick, uneven, and unflattering—it's cakey, but why?

Cakey makeup is difficult to define, but it's easy to tell once you see it. It's that textured, splotchy, and uneven look where your makeup seems to settle in your pores and fine lines, emphasizing them even more. Cakey makeup makes your face look like you have a ton of product on it.

Many things can cause cakey makeup, such as using too much product, using the wrong product for your skin type, doing the wrong application, and more. As a result, cracks, creases, and flakes appear, which can be difficult to fix.


4 Ways to Avoid Cakey Makeup

Don't fret! You can avoid cakey makeup with proper skin preparation, application, and product use. Here's a list of the essential steps to keep in mind to prevent that dreaded, cakey look.


1. Skin preparation is essential


Cakey makeup can be distinguished by thick, flaky, and uneven-looking skin. How to avoid cakey makeup? Properly prepare your skin for the application.

First, exfoliate after cleansing to even out the texture of your face, then apply your daily skincare routine. Then, make sure to use a moisturizer to hydrate your skin before applying your sunscreen. Our Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Plumping Cream instantly hydrates, refines pores, and reduces fine lines to give you that youthful look.

Wait at least 5 minutes for the product to absorb into the skin before putting on a new one. While the best skincare routine is your own, these are some general tips to get you looking smooth and plump.


2. Applying a face primer seals the deal


A primer is necessary if you want your makeup to stay on for the rest of the day. However, a primer can also affect how your makeup stays on your face. Thus, you have to use a suitable primer for your skin type.

If you have oily skin, try a silicone-based primer. Silicone-based primers blur out the appearance of pores by filling them in, providing a barrier to keep oil at bay. If you have dry skin, there are cream-based primers that turn tacky. These can help ensure that the product adheres to the skin and it doesn't suck all the moisture from your foundation that makes it look cakey.

Pro-tip: If you're wearing serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen (as you should), be sure to wait for at least 10 minutes so that the products don't mix and are fully absorbed into your skin instead of just creating a layer of product on your face.


3. The proper foundation is applied the right way, too


The best makeup looks accentuate your features and not cover them up. One of the main culprits to cakey makeup is your foundation. It should suit your skin type as well.

Serum foundations are perfect for those who have dry skin types because these foundations are typically packed with serums and oils that keep your face hydrated. This type is also ideal for a dewy and hydrated look. However, if you have oily skin, you can opt for a more matte foundation that would not add to your naturally produced oil.

The trick to a flawless base is in the application. Apply your foundation with a light hand and build up the coverage as you go. In makeup, it's easier to add than remove a product. If you're looking for a fresh, lightweight, and airy foundation that would add just the right amount of coverage without being too heavy or thick on the skin, try L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Fresh Wear Foundation.


4. Blending can make a world of difference


You can use many blending techniques and tools, but the best tip is to do it and find out what works for you. Take your time blending in whatever product you're using, whether it's a foundation, blush, eyeshadow, or even powder.

It makes a world of difference when you see the product seamlessly blending into your skin, giving you a more natural look. Then, choose blendable products for a flawless finish. Check out L'Oréal Paris Super Blendable Face Powder that perfectly adjusts your skin's color and texture, making it super blendable.

Whether you're stippling, buffing, or dabbing, the key to choosing the proper blending technique is figuring out which one works for you!


Say Goodbye to Cakey Makeup Forever

Cakey makeup is annoying and can appear in many ways, but there are different ways to achieve a flawless look for any occasion. We hope that our steps above can help you achieve the confidence makeup gives.

L'Oréal Paris provides a wide range of skincare and beauty products in the Philippines to cater to all Filipinos. Check out our online shop to see our full range of products!

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