Ash Blonde Looks for 2022: Hair Color Ideas and Styles

Ash hair colors are all the rave nowadays. If you're planning to get a new ash blonde 'do, here are some hair color ideas to help you decide on what to get.

Many people have considered going blonde as a drastic choice of hair color, especially if you've always had dark hair. More often than not, when we think of blonde, we immediately think of bleaching, brassiness, and maintenance. However, as more variations of blonde come into play, the color has become more versatile to suit a majority of people.


A popular color variation of blonde hair is ash blonde. The color gives off hints of blue, gray, green, and violet, far from the typical blonde's brass, gold, and orange tones. Ash blonde is an excellent choice for many because it goes well with whatever undertone, cold or warm.


From celebrities to influencers, more people rock the ash blonde nowadays. However, while the color seems more neutral than its striking counterpart, it's still essential to spend some time deciding on the specific hair color or style that best suits you. If you're looking for ash blonde hair color ideas that will look good on you, the list below may help; but first, let's define.


What is Ash Blonde Hair?


Ash blonde is a hair color that falls somewhere between blonde and gray. If you're planning to dye your hair, make sure you're getting ash blonde and not an ashy blonde. Ash blonde will only have a hint of gray with a more golden or honey hue, while ashy gray will appear grayer than blonde.


This hairstyle is usually mistaken for light brown colors since the hues look similar; however, ash blonde will look darker than light brown hair. They also differ in tonal values: ash blonde has a cool hue, while light brown is warm. However, ash blonde hairstyles appear warmer and more natural with a light brown base and golden undertones, making it a flattering color on most skin tones.


The Best Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas and Styles


1. Ash Bronde


Ash Bronde hair is a combination of ash blonde and ash brown hair. The result is a cool-toned 'do that works with most skin tones. It has dark roots that fade into a soft brown with blonde tones at the bottom, giving it an ombré effect. 



This gradient effect is great for people with darker eye colors because the significant lightening of the hair makes the eyes pop. L’Oréal's Ash Supreme in Beige Ash offers excellent color pay-off and can give you the soft ombré that an ash bronde hairstyle would have.

2. Champagne Blonde

This popular ash blonde variation has a golden blonde hue with a rosy undertone. The rose color doesn't overthrow the pay-off of the blonde, making it a perfect blend. While it suits lighter-skinned people the best, the color is completely rock-able by anyone! Check out L’Oréal's Champagne Ash.


3. Ash Blonde Balayage


Balayage isn't new, but the dark roots and light, almost-white hair highlights make the style more exotic. The balayage in this hairstyle creates a natural-looking transition. It gives the hair dimension through the slight hints of silver and brown. This is perfect for those who want a brighter color full of contrast but isn't overwhelming.



Remember to be careful of bleaching hair at home. Do proper research beforehand and carefully follow the instructions on your chosen box dye.

4. Gray Blonde or Silvery Blonde Ash



This hair color idea looks flattering on all skin tones when customized to your undertone. Apart from being super trendy, gray blonde brings out the warmth in your skin tone, especially if you have darker skin. It's easy to think that the color will turn out too light but trust the process. Look for a reliable hair care brand for box dyes to ensure safe use. Check out L’Oréal's Silver Ash to get your desired gray blonde shade.


5. Honey Ash Blonde



Honey blonde hair is usually very warm; however, this ash blonde gives the color a more neutral, if not a cool, tone. Try out this color with L’Oréal's Ash Supreme in Honey Ash.


6. Beige Ash



Beige in hair is soft and elegant. In beige ash hair, the tones are cooler than any other color, but it is enhanced by its light-reflective sheen, perfectly mixing with the lighter highlights of the hair. Anyone can pull off this color, given that its tone is customized to your skin's undertone. Achieve the perfect blend of cool and sandy with L'Oréal's Beige Ash.


7. Platinum and Ash Highlights



This hair color showcases sandy undertones to the icy-white appearance of platinum. The high contrast is perfect for people who want a drastic change in their hair color. Try out platinum and ash highlights if you're feeling a bit dramatic or creative.


Get Creative with Your Hair Color


Hair color is meant to express individuality and creativity, and though not every color will suit you, take comfort in the fact that there is a universal color that can be flattering to you, like ash blonde. Ash hair color trends have been rising, and you can expect more variations of the ashy-toned hair colors. 


It's no secret that hair bleaching is required to achieve these ash blonde hues. Hair damage is a common fear when undergoing this pre-step, but you can prevent it by using a targeted solution. Try L’Oréal's Bleach Supreme, which offers 8x the tone lift plus damage protection.


And since post-coloring care is a must for hair color maintenance, you'd want to have products that utilize the best purple technology to avoid the brassiness common to blonde tones. The Ever Pure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect pair to reduce them. In addition, you can get more insights on how to take care of colored hair by doing your research or asking the experts.


Ride the ash blonde trend and achieve a livelier and more vibrant hair color! Try L’Oréal's Excellence Bleach Supreme and Ash Supreme to achieve your desired color. For more skin, beauty, and hair care products in the Philippines, check out L'Oréal Paris online. Shop our products today!

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