7 DIY Hair Color Ideas You can Try in 2022

Want to spice up your life with new hair color? Here are the best hair colors this year that you can achieve in the comfort of your home.

Hair color ideas change over the years. The various shades you see today have become more creative, and there is a ton to choose from as inspiration. But the reality is that these trends come and go. Most times, the best hair colors are those you can rock in any season.


So, if you're looking for classic colors that complement your skin tone and would stand the test of time, we've got you covered. Even better? Our hair color ideas are achievable at home! Stand out beautifully among the trendy by considering these DIY hair color ideas.


The Best Hair Color Ideas You Can Achieve at Home


DIY hair coloring may be inexpensive and less of a hassle than having it done professionally. This doesn't mean that you have to compromise your safety. You're all set as long as you remember to do a strand test, follow the safety precautions indicated in the box, and know how to take care of colored hair.


Upon dotting the i's and crossing the t's, the next question is what color to choose. Here are the seven best hair color ideas you can achieve at home.


1. Chocolate


If your hair is a dark shade or a natural black, dyeing it a chocolate tint, like the Ash Supreme Brunette Ash, works like magic. For natural brunettes, you can also enhance your hair with chocolate shades. These subtle tones flatter most warm skin tones, making it look like you have a healthier and brighter complexion.


Chocolate browns are a classic that never goes out of style. The timeless hue looks fantastic in any cut or length! Coupled with DIY hair highlights, it can instantly give your hair volume and a fuller appearance.


2. Beige Blonde


Beige is boring? Not when it's combined with a blonde base! The soft hue can gives off a glow and radiance. Not to mention, it casts an eye-catching, light-reflective sheen. 


If you're fond of this "vanilla silky look," you should first have a blonde or light hair color base. You can do this by bleaching hair at home, then choosing from the endless beige colors you can incorporate. For instance, there are light, warm, cool, and even dark beiges such as the L'Oréal Ash Supreme in Beige Ash!


3. Caramel


Perfect for Filipinas, caramel is achievable and adds dimension to any look. Lighter than ash blonde and darker than honey, caramel gives you the best of both worlds. The close-to-cream shade is naturally glossy and complements sun-kissed or morena skin. 




Your options are endless with this shade, from gold caramel tones to dark hues. The Ash Supreme in Champagne Ash usually works well for everyone!


4. Dark Blonde


Switching to blonde is not exactly a walk in the park. You may need to do a DIY hair bleach multiple times. The next best alternative is dark blonde. 


You don't need to go to the salon or bleach your hair with this hue. Brown or black, you can easily color your strands a dark blonde shade with the Ash Supreme Honey Ash at home.


5. Silver Ash


Silver ash is another one of those ash hair color trends. In 2021, it became mainstream. From a sign of aging, gray hair became a representation of the edgy and sexy attitude. People of all ages are now flaunting their silver hair. By 2022, it is still no passing trend. 


Ideal for those with pink undertones or pale skin, the cool Smoky Ash tone mixes amazingly well with bleached hair or platinum blonde. It results in shiny, grungy, and voluminous hair! 


6. Golden Brown


This light brown shade with a hint of gold is a popular DIY box dye color. What great about this is that you don't need to pre-lighten your hair. Since Filipino hair usually has natural light hues, you can easily couple golden brown dyes with long strands. 


Golden brown hair is low-maintenance and serves as an excellent base for other multidimensional hair color trends such as blonde highlights, blonde ombre, or balayage. 


7. Chestnut


A superb combination of copper and chocolate, chestnut brown is a summery color with red tints. It's perfect for those with warm complexions but may also be suitable for cool tones by blending it with ashy hues such as Brunette Ash


Another ace up chestnut's sleeve is that it contrasts excellently with warm blond tones and adds depth to brunette bases. While chestnut brown hair dye is simple to apply at home, the color you'll acquire will be determined by the current hue of your hair. To get the correct foundation for chestnut, you'll need to pre-lighten your hair if it's dark or black.


A Non-Compromising Solution


Coloring your hair at home may seem difficult if you're trying to achieve a specific trendy color. Fortunately, having the right hair care products in the Philippines will help you get the right look. It saves you money and trips to the salon.


However, bleaching is usually a pre-step to achieve the best hair color, and there's a reasonable fear of making mistakes and damage from bleaching. The easy but non-compromising solution: Excellence Bleach Supreme; it has up to 8x the tone lift with damage protection. 


Achieve any of these seven colors with ease! Incorporate Excellence Bleach Supreme and Ash Supreme shades into your hair coloring routine to achieve the perfect look. Whatever your beauty needs or desires may be, the L'Oréal shop has it for you. Visit the shop now!

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