The 6 Best Hair Color Ideas That Are Subtle, Yet Unique

For a new look that doesn't entail heavy maintenance, check out the more subtle types of hair color. Here are DIY hair color ideas that make a statement.

Whether you're starting a new chapter in life or a post-breakup moving-on step, getting a new hair color is an exciting way to change up your look. Checking out the latest hair color trends can inspire you to immediately shift to a new one. 

While all hair color changes need attention, some demand more. The time and money spent caring for your hair may rapidly add up when everything is said and done. Fortunately, it's still possible to make a statement without resorting to the most drastic hair color changes. 

What exactly are the easy and subtle yet unique hair colors to try? Read this article to find out!


The Best Subtle Hair Colors to Try Out Today

If you want to alter your hair color but keep it low-maintenance, experts recommend picking a color and process that allows for a smooth growth-out. As a rule of thumb, you can keep your hair softer, more blended, and forgiving towards regrowth by staying within four hues of your original shade. 



1. Babylights

Babylights are extremely delicate hair highlights that are distributed throughout the hair subtly. They're a more subdued version of highlights, designed for those who desire a lighter dye application with the same level of balance as highlights.

Babylights are a good choice for adding a hint of color to your hair without making it seem excessively hefty. It's the best approach to enhance depth while keeping your hair low maintenance and natural-looking. 



2. Smokey Gray Ombre

The Smoky Ash hairstyle is edgy and attractive in equal measure, and it goes with every skin tone or haircut. Women with gray hair look great with curly, straight, frizzy, or smooth hair. The entire look is laid-back and simple to wear since it's an ombré style—a two-tone hair color effect that gradually blends from one hue to another.

This hair color will give you the magnificent hair inspiration you need if your golden summer highlights are getting a bit stale and you're aching for a change. It's simple to create if your hair is naturally dark. The key is to get super-blonde ombré highlights and gray the lightest strands. Conversely, if your hair is naturally light, you'll need to darken the base to get the effect you want.



3. Roots with Color


Colored roots are a creative and uncommon technique to add color to your hair. You may opt for a subtle mix or a bold contrast with a distinct dividing line between your colored roots and the rest of your hair. Since your roots are prone to damage, make sure to use reliable hair care products from the Philippines if you opt for this look.



4. Classic Balayage

Balayage, which means "to sweep" in French, is a freestyle coloring method where your hair is brightened to seem natural and sun-kissed with gradation. Classic balayage is a milder version of the procedure; the color is applied to just one section of the hair.

Balayage is famous for being low-maintenance and needing only minor touch-ups. It's a technique that paints hair without using sharp lines. These highlights will look wonderful showing through your hair since they are simple, gentle, and gorgeous.

The highlights may be delicate at the root, gradually thickening and heavier as they go to the mid-shaft and ends. Coloring with Champagne Ash enables a dramatic or subtle dimension to your hair, while keeping the root region delicate allows for a more forgiving grow out.



5. Chocolate Brown

If you don't like bright colors but still want to vary your look, a chocolate brown shade can be the best alternative. Don't worry if you have dark hair and are unhappy because you can use L'Oreal's Bleach Supreme. Coupling your DIY hair bleach with a Brunette Ash hair color lets you get a lifted and soft chocolate brown hair look!

Since ash hair color trends never go out of style, you'll have a color that leaves a lasting impression.



6. Bronde

Bronde hair tresses are a mix of brown and blonde, usually achieved by highlights or balayage. As long as you know how to take care of colored hair, you can wear a multi-toned bronde mane all year long, and it will always look great. This lasting hair color trend is worth trying if you're all about depth and natural-looking highlights.

You'll want to avoid raising too many levels at once to maintain it and appear natural. With so many tones of this blondish and brownish tint, there's no shortage of bronde ideas to choose from. Remember to consider your skin tone and eye color when browsing for bronde hair ideas. What works for most looks is a Honey Ash bronde!


Find the Best Style

These DIY hair color trends will still appear great after a month or two, thanks to hair coloring procedures like balayage and babylights. But, the best thing about them is that you can do it yourself.

People typically bleach as a pre-step to recolor to achieve the best results. There's a common fear of making mistakes from bleaching hair at home, but with an easy fix like the Bleach Supreme, you are protected from damage—it even allows for up to eight times tone lift! 

Incorporate Excellence Bleach Supreme and Ash Supreme into your hair coloring routine to achieve the perfect look! Visit the L'Oréal Paris website to find a wide range of hair and beauty products.

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