7 Timeless Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50

Achieve a youthful look with a perfectly matched hair color for your mature Filipina beauty! Check out these stunning hair colors to bring fun back in your hair!

Red, Blonde, Purple.  Vibrant and unique hair color ideas look great, and it’s especially effective in making anyone turn their heads for you. However, as fun as they are, vibrant colors may be a hit or a miss and look too harsh on more mature Filipinas.


Aging women frequently dye their hair to disguise their age. However, if you’re not careful, you may have hair color that’s too dark, too light, or too brassy. These can make you look older, the complete opposite of what you were trying to go for.


Fortunately, there are certain hair colors that can suit anyone, no matter the person’s age, and prove to stand the test of time. Look at these flattering and timeless hair colors that can highlight your best features and keep you looking ageless! These hair colors serve as a middle ground between classic hair colors ideal for older women and hair color ideas that can still give you that youthful glow.


The Best Hair Color Ideas for Women Over 50

1. Bronde

For most complexions, “bronde” is a great option. A warm bronde is a natural-looking ash hair color that can freshen up your hair if it is starting to turn grey in some places. Depending on how you do your makeup, the color softens other hues and allows the eye to wander to key points of your face, like the lips and eyes. This style is also a good option if you want a low-upkeep hairdo. 


L’Oréal Paris offers the Excellence Ash Supreme in champagne ash with a 3x tone lift for dark hair, so you’re sure to stay on-trend.


2. Black with silver balayage



You can achieve a trendy DIY hair color with a modern look while embracing your natural gray highlights. This black with silver balayage hair color is a perfect combination of both, seamlessly blurring the lines of your hair and your age.


Try L’Oréal’s Ash Supreme in silver ash to enjoy intense pigments for eye-catching color and an intense shine complex suitable for all Filipina skin tones.


3. Auburn or burgundy



Skin tones can become washed over time, so it’s important to bring back some color with an auburn burgundy hair color to brighten up your complexion. Compared to bold, blue-based hues like blondes, brown-red is simpler to pull off and maintain. 


Darker auburn tints look best because they complement the warmer and deeper skin tones. However, this reddish-brown hair color still needs extra care to keep its richness. 


To keep this hair color from fading, know how to take care of colored hair. Remember to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo like the Ever Pure Anti-Brass Toning Purple Shampoo.


4. Caramel balayage



Because of this hair color’s soft and muted warm tones, it’s a particularly amazing hair color for older women. The balayage adds gloss and luster to aging hair, making anyone look more vibrant and youthful. Moreover, since the base is a warm caramel, it further accentuates the warmth and olive tones of Filipina morena skin.

L’Oréal offers brown hair colors to help you achieve that unique look. Try the Ash Supreme in honey ash to achieve those golden locks with a simple DIY hair bleach from the comfort of your home.


5. Rich brown with babylights



There are so many options for hair color for women over 50, and they can easily look ten years younger by pulling off a rich brown base with hair highlights. When paired with face-framing highlights and a shadow root for an easy grow-out process, it becomes a great hair color choice. 

This color is especially suited for those with warmer skin tones, as it accentuates the tan. If you ever try bleaching hair at home, go for colors that accentuate your skin tone, not ones that wash it out.


6. Buttery blonde



A straight-up blonde can weaken older hair, so using multiple tones is preferable. Add buttery blonde highlights to a dark blonde or light brown base. Using lighter tones will allow you to hide root regrowth, making them a low-maintenance option requiring fewer touch-ups between color sessions. Try the Ash Supreme in honey ash and achieve a vibrant blonde in just a few minutes!


7. Brunette balayage



Older women can significantly brighten their appearance with subtle blonde highlights paired with a brunette base. L’Oréal’s Ash Supreme in brunette ash gives a stunning color pay-off with 3x the tone lift to ensure a vibrant color that will pare years off your age. The balayage effect will guarantee a gentle, undetectable grow out.



Achieve Youthful Hair Brilliance with L’Oréal


Hair color is a big change in anyone’s life, which is why people pay close attention to it. If you’re looking for the perfect shade that will make anyone ask what your youth elixir is, L’Oréal has it for you.


People typically bleach their hair as a pre-step to recolor to achieve the best hair coloring results. Instead of damaging your hair from bleaching, you can try L’Oréal Paris Bleach Supreme, which has up to 8x tone lift with damage protection to ensure you get minimal damage and vibrant results every time.


L’Oréal Paris offers a wide range of hair care products in the Philippines, as well as makeup and skincare. Don’t miss out! Check out our online shop.

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