Hair Colors for Filipina Skin Tones (+How to Know Yours)

For Filipinas, the curiosity for a new hair color will never stop. Read this article to discover the best hair colors for your skin tone!

Every year, many hair color trends break on the internet. Dating back from the Tumblr blue-haired girls to the TikTok ash hair color—they’re all gorgeous, and people are here for it!


Hair dying is a wonderful and fun way of expressing oneself. But picking the right DIY hair color for you can be tricky and daunting. Others might rock it because it suits their skin tones and undertones, but how do you know if the hair color is perfect for you? You assess your skin.


Filipinas have three skin tones: morena, mestiza, and chinita. There are also cool-toned, warm-toned, and neutral-toned girls under each category. This article will help you identify your undertones and the best hair colors for Filipina skin tones and undertones.



How to Find Your Undertone


It takes a glance to determine if someone is mestiza, morena, or chinita. However, finding the undertone may need a closer look before identifying it. It may seem like a subtle factor that won’t do much, but even makeup artists and hair stylists rely on this step before deciding the colors they’ll use on their clients.


Types of Skin Undertones


  • Cool. Think about dusk, storms, and winter movies. There may be cold hues like blues, green, and some cool pinks. Some people may exude a cool or pale look like Anne Curtis, Nicole Kidman, or Jisoo of Blackpink. 

  • Warm. Now think about summer and things that make you feel warm; browns, reddish hues, warm yellows. Morenas typically have warm undertones but aren’t always limited to them. Celebrities like Beyonce, Nadine Lustre, and Isabelle Daza are a few. 

  • Neutral. Neutral tones are in the middle. They both exhibit warm and cool tones, but there will sometimes be neutral cool or neutral warm girls. Even neutral undertones can gear towards a more dominant undertone despite its neutrality. Celebrities who show neutral undertones are Kathryn Bernardo, Natalie Portman, and Selena Gomez.


How to Tell Which Undertone You Have?


There are several ways to tell skin undertones. Here are a few:


1. Vein test

Check the veins on your wrist and see the following:

  • Cool undertones show blue and purple veins.
  • Warm undertones have greenish veins.
  • Neutral undertone veins match the color of your skin or may appear invisible. 


2. Jewelry test

You may use silver and yellow gold jewelry to better assess what looks good on you.

  • Cool undertones are more likely to look better in silver, platinum, or rose gold jewelry.
  • Warm undertones look great in yellow gold.
  • Neutral undertones rock both.


3. Eye color test

Lastly, you may look at your eyes.

  • Cool-undertoned girls are likely to have dark brown, blue, gray, or green eyes.
  • Warm undertones typically have light brown, hazel, or honey eye colors. 
  • Neutral girls can be any color. If unsure, check with the previous tests which undertone you are.

Once you identify your undertone, you can choose among these hair colors for Filipinas.

The Best Hair Color Ideas for Filipina Skin Tones

1. Honey blonde

Best for:  Warm tones

Honey blonde gives you a warm, cozy look—like autumn. You may have seen this yellowish-and light brown shade in Beyonce’s or Gigi Hadid’s tresses. You may try L’Oréal’s Excellence Ash Supreme to cop this look! If you don’t want to go all-in, honey blonde makes excellent hair highlights.

2. Espresso

Best for:  Cool-neutral

If you want to go subtle, consider espresso-colored hair. Use L’Oréal’s Excellence Ash Supreme’s Brunette Ash for this effect! It helps your eyes pop and gives you a simple yet striking neat look. 

3. Copper brown


Best for:  Warm-neutral tones

Are you looking for something flirty and sultry? Copper brown hair color will also look flattering on mestiza or warm-toned morena girls.

4. Ash blonde

Best for:  Neutral-cool tones

Ashy tones have been popular in the past few years, and why wouldn’t they be? They look so flattering on Filipina skin! Ash blonde is more on the cool-toned than the warmer side of blonde, so it’s perfect for pink-toned girls.

5. Burgundy

Best for:  Warm-neutral tones

Burgundy is never out of choice when picking a hair color for a Filipina because it never fails to deliver a fierce, bold statement. Achieve a vivid, striking color like Kathryn Bernardo by bleaching your hair at home. Burgundy might be your best hair color if you feel extra rebellious, especially when exploring unique hair color ideas

6. Jet black

Image Source: Preen

Best for:  Cool tones

Most Filipinas have naturally black or dark brown hair. It’s perfect for those who want to look extra edgy with its smooth and silky crowning glory. But others prefer to take it to the next level by darkening their tresses even more in jet black or bluish-black colors. 

7. Ginger

Best for:  Warm tones

Of course, this guide won’t end without the ginger hair trend. This reddish-brown look gives a certain allure that other colors can’t replicate. Warm-toned girls all over Instagram own this shade, and people can’t stop looking!


If You’re Looking for a Sign to Dye Your Hair, This is It!

Coloring your hair and properly taking care of colored hair can only be achieved using the right hair color and hair care products. You can never know the best hair color for you until you’ve done it. However, you can always increase your chances of looking great in it by learning to find your skin tone and the ones that best suit it.


People typically use a DIY hair bleach as a pre-step to recolor. There’s anxiety about damaging the hair from bad bleaching. But here’s the solution: L’Oréal’s Bleach Supreme—which has up to 8x tone lift with damage protection.


These hair color ideas are just a few of the many colors you can look good with. For a wide range of beauty and hair care products in the Philippines, visit L’Oréal’s online shop for more.

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